Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Laverne & Shirley & Filled in Holes in My Heart

For a number of years (and around 5 years ago), I wanted to have a sixth baby.

I pined quite a bit over the idea of another little Chamorrito or Chamorrita. As luck would have it, the Mister had the Big V shortly after the birth of Po, so the odds of this happening without Divine Intervention were slim at best.  He was hesitant about the idea of using a sperm donor, and I was very wary of going into another adoption.

Realizing we were at an impasse, I decided this longing was likely a case of Wanting What You Cannot Have.

With further reflection, I came to the conclusion that really, I just wanted to go back in time and relive all of my years since Hattie came into being.  Because I greatly enjoyed all of this time, shit storm times and all, and really did not want it to come to an end so quickly.

Talk about a case of Wanting What You Cannot Have.

Eventually, I made peace with these thoughts and ideas, and went about my life.

It wasn't long before Baby #6 longing came back.  Big. Time.

"Uhhhh, can't we just get another dog?" said the Mister when I shared my all new, even-more-intense longing. *

We already had two dogs at the time, who were my other babies.  So this sounded like an avenue worth pursuing.

So we looked and looked and one day I was on Instagram and saw them.

Laverne (crazy curly hair) and Shirley (mini dachshund).

A dynamic senior duo who came up north from some god forsaken southern puppy mill or other atrocity.  Both were malnourished, with mouths of rotting teeth, and they were incredibly bonded and simply could not be separated.

I knew that they were mine the moment I spotted them.

I contacted Cheryl, their foster mom, who is an ANGEL ON EARTH, and within a few days we were on way to pick up our newest duo.

And you know what?

It turns out I don't need a 6th baby after all.  Because these little old ladies have filled every void that I was feeling in my heart, and I am so in love with these dogs.

Especially Laverne. 

Don't get me wrong.  Shirley is a dear heart and I love her to pieces, but she really is Hattie and Paloma's special girl, and they are her special humans.

Wanna know what one of the best parts about Laverne is?  Beyond this adorable face!


Like A LOT.

While I make dinner.  While I help with homework.  While I sit and type or read.   She even likes to sit next to the bathtub when I take bubble baths.

No, I simply did not need a 6th baby at all.

The love I needed came in the form of scraggly, 4-tooth poodle/chihuahua from down south named Laverne.

And I have felt so complete ever since.

*  NOTE:  The Mister himself DOES NOT REMEMBER this conversation at all.   It is true his memory pretty much sucks.  HOWEVER, being a highly creative person prone to occasional embellishment, it is somewhat likely I could have imagined this conversation.  However, I am pretty certain he tried to barter his way out of untying his sperm tubes with the nearly sure bet of offering up a new dog for me to love.

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