Thursday, October 31, 2013

Channeling My Inner Witch

Many moons ago, I convinced my kids that I am part-witch.

I've relied upon that genetic trait of mine on many instances to shock 'em, amaze 'em, leave 'em in awe, and  I must admit, instill the tiniest bit of worry in my kids.  Because they understand, that due to my witch DNA, I have some crazy witchy skills.

Skills like knowing when they're lying.

Or explaining how I have eyes in the back of my head due to a spell.

Or how I know if they really brushed their teeth or not, even if they try to pull a fast one by wetting the head of the toothbrush head without brushing.

It  is an important element of our household lore, having a Mom who is part-witch.

Part-witch, EXCEPT, on Halloween.

On Halloween I channel my Full Witch.

Kind of like a type of PMS that happens just once a year, it's beyond my control.

Every Halloween morn, I wake up with my Witch Shoes on,

and I wear them all day long.

The kids are always certain to check.

This morning, Miles woke me up and said, "Mama, Mama, I forgot to tell you: I have to bring in a treat for the class party today."

A short while later, you could find me in the kitchen, guzzling coffee and drawing jack-o-lantern faces on Cuties with a Sharpie.

Can you guess which face represented mine?
Hint: It's not a smiley one.

Atticus walked in on my artistic magic. "What's Mom doing?"  he asked Miles.

"Getting my treat ready for school.  I just remembered this morning so I let Mama know before she woke up."

"Are you crazy?!?!" Atticus shrieked. "That lady is FULL witch today!!!"

It was a very cute moment.

If I were cool enough to tag my posts, I would tag this under, 'Cool Sh*t I Do for My Kids.'

Because being a Mom is hard enough, so you might as well pat yourself on the back when you can.

 And on Halloween, I definitely can bring it.  Just look at our early morning visitor, found napping in my antique baby buggy next to my hearth.  I mean, it's like Santa Claus, but creepy, and on Halloween, and he didn't bring toys. 

* * * * * 

Can't have a Halloween Post with pics of the 5FC costumes!

Before I get to the pictures, I should explain my rules about costumes and Halloween at large:

1)  Da Mama doesn't buy costumes at retail stores (on occasion, I may be willing to buy a piece or two from GW Fashions.)

2) Bring your imaginations or stay home.

3) All Bit-'o-Honey's obtained during Trick or Treat are immediately handed over, as legislated by the Mommy Tax Acts of '98, '02, '04, '04 and '05.

4) Eat as much candy as you want Halloween night, but don't wake me up that you have a belly ache.  I'll leave Tums on the bathroom counter because I love you all that much.  Smooches and good night.

After all that, behold!

 The Mad Scientist

 The Dead Cheerleader


A Pretty Little Liar (love how my scary candle photobombed her head!)

Harry Potter sporting Glow in the Dark Glasses

And a Very Pretty Fancy Girl

Hail, Hail the Gang's All Here

Happy Halloween!!!


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

too funny- my Po-twin was a dead bride! Maybe the fairy- princess- butterfly- sparkle years are over.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

too funny- my little one dressed as a dead bride this year. I was taking pictures and told her to smile, she said- I can't look happy I supposed to be dead! Ah, I guess the princess- butterfly- fairy days are over.