Sunday, March 03, 2013

Age 7: Then and Now

Paloma is now the same age as Hatfield was, back when Paloma was born:  7.

Hatfield Age 7:
Back when we called her Sister Mary Hatfield

Paloma, Age 7: 
Back when we were ready to sign her up for a convent
 for her own good.

A wonderful thing about a 7-year difference between sisters is that they end up very close.  Paloma and Hatfield are great friends and companions.

 Hatfield, age 7.  Paloma, age New.

 Hatfield, age 14.  Paloma, age 7.

Now, don't get me wrong:  sometimes little sisters can be annoying, and sometimes big sisters can be bossy.

But thankfully, that is not our daily norm.

Quite a difference exists between your oldest daughter (#1 in sibling order) at age 7 and your youngest daughter (#5) at age 7.

For example, here are comparisons between Hatfield's Favorite Things at Age 7, and Paloma's Favorite Things at Age 7.

Favorite TV Show:

Hatfield:  My Little Ponies
and American Idol

Paloma:  Sponge Bob
 and more Sponge Bob

Favorite Movie:

Hatfield:  Anything with the little twins
Mary-Kate and Ashley

Napoleon Dynamite.  For real.

Favorite Music: 

Hatfield:  Hannah Montana

Paloma:  Jannelle Monae

Do you know who Jannelle Monae is?  She is AMAZING! Watch this:

Favorite Dance:

Hatfield:  The Macarena

Paloma:  Any Lyrical or Contemporary first, then modern Jazz

One of the many things my girls share is their love for Music, Dance and Making Videos (Hattie likes to make them; Paloma likes to star in them.)

Here is the newest installment.  Oh, how I love these two girls of mine :) Enjoy!


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