Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hatfield Strikes Again

So the Mister needed yet another video for work.  No contest this time (and no, he did NOT win the contest last time-- instead he got in trouble with the legal department at work, lol! Insert "Corporate Powers vs. Creativity"joke of your choosing here.) 

This time he had to create a powerpoint or video introducing himself and his life to his team at work (a lot of territory rearranging was done, so there's a bunch of new teammates, and everyone was given the assignment to introduce themselves.)

Given that he's one for theatrics (in a good way), the Mister began with a very, VERY boring powerpoint presentation.  "My name is Cliff.  I was born on the island of Guam.  I went to college here.  I married my wife Sarah." yada yada.

He gets to the part about his hobbies:  "My hobbies fishing, kayaking, watching MMA, and whatever my kids want me to do.  My kids are creative.  My kids like to dance.  I like to dance.  Here, let me show you."

Then it switches over to this:

Whatever would we do without our Hattie Lou?

Well, be as boring as Cliff's initial video, for starters.


ania said...

Hi Sarah,

I can't see the you think you could put the link?


Sarah said...

Ania, try again now :) Hopefully it will work.

Michelle G said...

Oh that's great!!! How fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

ania said...

That's too funny. Thanks.