Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I'm doing it.

NaNoWriMo  (National Novel Writing Month)

I'm going to write a novel.  In a month.  50,000 words is my goal.  Roughly 1,600 words a day.

I'm a bit behind, because I started 5 days late, but that's okay.  But I should be caught up by Days 10 or 11.

A huge coping mechanism from trauma parenting/life's issues for me (beyond Bones and trashy cable series-- Justified anyone?  OMG is it gooooo----oooooddd!), is having little stories going on in my head.  Alternative realities, if you will.  I think them up when I walk the dog, when I'm vegging out in a waiting room, etc.  I rather enjoy living vicariously through the people I create.

So, I'm taking one that I've had in my head for years running and I'm writing it down.

It won't be the "oh you've been through so much you should really write a book" book that people so often tell me to write.

Because, honestly, I don't know what I'd write about that just yet.

I don't doubt people when they tell me that.  There has to be a story to be told somewhere in the midst of all that's going on.  But the problem, for me, right now, is that I'm in the midst of it.  I find myself living in a huge metamorphosis where everything I know-- my definitions of love, trust, family, parenthood, friendship-- is being challenged and restructured.

I trust that the book inside me, about all of that, will come later.  

But, the caveat is that I have to start somewhere.  And later, I will have to get in the habit of writing.  But for now?

I just have to begin.

Writing is basically labor-intensive.  Someone on the NaNoWriMo blog labelled it "blue collar work" and I am finding it to be quite true.

NaNoWriMo sends out little "pep talks" each morning in the inbox they give you.

I like that.

This morning, Gennifer Albin sent out the message (and wow!  look at her blog!  Now I very much want Hatfield and I to read her book.)   Which basically boiled down to this:   Go through the process.  Write.  To be a writer, you have to believe it and you have to get it written down.

So I did what she told me:  I wrote on a sticky pad:

I will be a writer.
I will write books.
Starting this very month.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I like the message and may borrow it.

Last Mom said...

Maybe I'll jump on board, even though it's already the 6th. You're inspiring me!

Luke said...

We've been plugging ahead in our house. Yesterday I was rather bummed out by my lack of inspiration and interesting content... but then I wrote a section that cracked me up, so things ended on a high note for the evening. Now I'll face it all over again tonight. [sigh]


Sarah said...

Keep plugging away Luke! That's awesome!!!

Essie, we need to set up a coffee and writing time stat!

Last Mom, the Mister started yesterday. Jumping in on the 7th is totally doable :)