Monday, October 15, 2012

Reason #37,392 Why the Mister Makes Me Laugh

I love my husband. 

I'm not the best at showing it or professing it publicly,  But I do love him, very much so.  I love how he makes me laugh.  I love the enthusiasm in which he approaches life, and the way he demonstrates that zeal to his kids.

My husband is employed in the sales industry.  A career which is considerably far outside my comfort zone, I completely respect his ability to get up each and every day to put himself out there, facing rejection and sometimes being treated rather shabbily.

Yet he does it each and every day with an energy and flair that my husband possesses.  The truth is that Paloma has so much pizazz because she is the Mister's daughter.

Before you go and think I'm being sappy or dramatic, hold your horses.  Today I come bearing proof of that flair and pizazz.

His company recently had a Send Us Your Karaoke Video contest for their reps as a way to hype up a new product they are getting ready to launch.   The Mister received several emails from coworkers with comments like, "You were born to win this contest!"  which was all the prompting his Salesman Ego (I'm not being mean-- all good sales people need to have a delicate balance of humility and ego to keep moving forward while convincing people to buy whatever it is they are peddling) needed to try and go Over.The.Top.

Hatfield jumped at the chance to help him with his video as director and videographer.  He got all the kids involved, and one afternoon last week they all jumped in Cliff's car and drove about Green Bay, filming and dancing.

And here's the end result.    Enjoy!


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

oh that is so awesome I just had to watch it again!

geralyn said...

OH MY GOD THIS IS HILARIOUS! It's wonderful and pee your pants funny!