Monday, October 08, 2012

Hitting Home

This past weekend I was reduced to tears and inspired Allison Tate's essay "The Mom Stays in the Picture." You can read it here.

Within my family, I am notorious for never wanting my picture taken.  I will balk, hide, or beg offer to take the photo-- anything to get out of actually being in a photo.   Every year, for our family Christmas card, I have to search high and low to find a photo with me in it to put on our card. Every year I'm tempted to let the fact that I wrote the Christmas newsletter lie alone as proof of my continued existence.

I think this article has changed that forever. Miss Po is always begging to have our picture taken together. She loves the iPhone, and the girl knows how to use it.  I enjoy improving my photos on Instagram, and sharing them with distance family and friends. But I never put up pictures with me in it.

Well, no longer. I'm going to start sharing.  Even if it means ignoring that icky feeling I have in my stomach at putting these less-than-flattering photos of myself up.  But I love my kids enough to want to leave them photos of me to look at when they are grown.

Because truth me told, I love and cherish all the photos I have of me with my parents as a child.  Especially with my Dad gone 21 years, I get how important this can be.

So here's my start. 

Paloma and I at Kelly Lake.

Paloma and I cuddling in the living room.
The Mister and I enjoying a child-free getaway this past July in Marquette, Michigan.

K-man and I on the train at Bay Beach.
Mr. Miles and Manmi.
Being silly.

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Anonymous said...

finally! The world gets to see how beautiful you are. :)

Mr. renly