Saturday, September 22, 2012

Momentum, Interrupted

It's funny out the best-laid plans can be completely waysided.

Having hours, in a row, alone in my house (not truly alone, as Hatfield is here with me.  But she's a young adult, completely enjoyable, great self-starter and never a saboteur) for the first time in 14 years, I couldn't help but make giddy plans to Get. Things. Done.

Gardening.  Canning.  Painting.  Organizing.  Donating goods and purging garbage.

Ooooooo, the plans I had.

Well, plans for after taking that first week to sit on the couch and stare at the walls.  And nap.  Because the summer wore this Mama plum out.

But wouldn't you know it, about a week and a half ago, just when I am raring to go, I get the flu.  Badly.

I force manage recovery in order to attend Paloma's First Packer Game.

Every year Atticus receives four tickets from Uncle Fred.

The first year he took Cliff, Miles and Keenan.

The second year he took Cliff, Hatfield and her friend Hayley.

The third year-- this year-- he took Cliff, myself and Paloma.

Paloma waited 3 years for this moment!  And wouldn't you know it but the munchkin scored herself BOTH the Bears game and a nighttime game.

But the game did me in. I came home and within a day I had a fever, head and chest cold.

A week and a half later, and I am still not recovered anywhere near the extent that I would like to be.

But, the house hasn't gone anywhere for the past how many years, and it's not going to go anywhere now.  So the projects can wait.

In the meantime, I have become completely hooked on the tv series Bones.  Have you seen this?

One day this summer, at Kelly Lake, my mother was lamenting that she left her Kindle at home and she had nothing to read.  I went through some magazines I had stashed in our trailer, but it turned out that they were all magazines she had passed on to me.

We went for a walk-- lo and behold!-- we found a large box of paperback books with a "Free for the Taking!" sign on it.   Unbought leftovers from a garage sale, I'm guessing.

And one of Kathy Reich's Temperance Brennan novels was in that box.  I read the book in 2 days flat, and then found out that the books were the inspiration for the show Bones.

Seriously, could Seely Booth be any more attractive?  I don't think so!

Bones is on Netflix.  Watching really good series all at once it is the way to go, especially for obsessive/compulsive series watchers/readers like myself :)  Nothing makes me happier than finding a great series of books or tv to dig into, especially at the start of Autumn.

But I'm only on Season 2, Epidsode 5, so NO spoilers :)


Nobody said...

I am a huge fan of letting the projects sit until I am inspired (I get so much more done then), and also of the show Bones. Oh my heart, I just let my family rot when there is a Bones marathon on the TV.

Anonymous said...

Please dont post this. First, yes. Booth could be more handsome. He can look like me! (just kidding)

Second, there's a typo in the post. magage?

No need to change the post unless you want to. If we ever publish the 5FC Chronicles, it would be worth editing.

Mr. Booth