Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Word Submission

While I'm pretty darn positive that Paloma is my daughter (I was there, after all), I'm also sure that she is gunning to be our dear Essie Why's verbal prodigy.

Tonight she came up with a new bit of terminology that I am hereby submitting to the, ahem:

Essie Why's Dictionary of Anatomically Incorrect Terms

Front Ass:    [fruhnt] [as]


1. a male's genitalia on the front part of his body.  As in:  "Paloma, why is that little boy who were you playing Tag with on the ground crying?"  Answer:  "He ran into a pole and hurt his front ass."

6 year old English-Frozen Chamorro.  June, 2012, Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

  Pea Finger

Front Butt (feminine use only) 

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 I will let you know Essie's decision as to submission as soon as I have it.  


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That's hilarious! If any of you have any time on your hands I'm going to be sleeping for five hours a day while trying a new sleep cycle. If this interests you my blog can be found here: I hope to see you there!

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Love it!!!

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