Friday, March 09, 2012

Odds and Ends

* I am back from Orlando! Orlando, as usual, was: amazing, awesome, spiritual, wonderful, connecting.

Last year, I went to Orlando and opened up a lot of my own shiznit that I had to deal with. I came home, scared yet empowered, and managed to work through a ton of things.

Things I don't think I would have worked through had it not been for the love, support and wisdom of dear friends.

This year, I went feeling stronger, and came home feeling stronger and re-energized. Ready to tackle some new challenges and set some new personal goals.

Everyone should have a group of friends like these women.

* Although I loved every minute of Orlando and did not want to see it end, I am happy to be home with my crew. I missed my peeps a ton and am enjoying being back. Re-entry has not been painful, although I'm sure now that I wrote that, it will be totally horrendous, lol.

* We are in March. Our temps next week are forecasted for the 60's. I think I'm gonna plant some spinach and chard seeds, and when the weather is frosty (and snowy--let's face it, this is Wisconsin, and it's gonna snow at least once more), I'll cover it with heavy clear plastic. Just to see. For the fun of it.

* I've been a long time fan of juicing, but fell out of habit a year or two back. The Mister recently watched Fat, Stupid and Nearly Dead on Netflix, and made me watch it. Holy moly, is it a great documentary! I highly recommend it.

Anyway, we got back on the juicing train, with the Mister's momentum helping carry it along. I now juice breakfast and lunch (I eat whole foods too, so it's not a strict juice fast.) Cliff, whose psoriasis has been really severe, has nearly put it into remission. My complexion completely cleared up, and Hatfield, who was starting to get teen acne, has skin which is nearly crystal clear.

* After two weekends away from home, I'm just so darn happy to be back at home and have a chance to get some stuff done.

Sometimes, and more often than not, the simplest things make us the most satisfied.

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sarah can you let us know how Keenan is doing? any headway on his anemia issue?

also what is your go to info place for juicing and do you use one of those vitamix or blendtec? or just a straight up juicer?