Monday, March 12, 2012


While in Orlando, I was bitten by the Hooping Bug when the delightful Heather, with great patience and dignity, taught me how to hoop.

This weekend, with the Mister's assistance, I made 6 hoops--- one for me and each child.

The perfect weekend weather enticed us outside for all of Sunday. I was pumped and ready to start hooping. Since I've been unable to kickbox, my core strength and tone has taken a huge hit. It majorly looks like a woman who has five children. But the thing is, I've only given birth to three of them. See them problem? Hence my great excitement and motivation to Let the Hooping Begin.

How are we doing? Let's see.
. .

Hatfield can already lassoo/twirl/vortex.

Atticus can walk like an Egyptian with his hoop.

I'm pretty sure Miles breaks some land speed hooping record with his fierce intensity.

Keenan could hoop with 2 hoops
full speed
all at one time
about 5 minutes into it.

Paloma can jump a full 360 turn while hooping.

And me?
Well, I busted my lip on Day 2.

It's a good thing those apples fell fffffaaaaaaarrrrr away from my hooping tree.

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Anonymous said...

On day 3, however, you were looking good! Day 4, you can lasso. I'm predicting on Day 10 you will be lighting the hoops on fire. :)

-Mr. Proud