Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home again, but not for long

I'm procrastinating right now. . I should be packing for Orlando (ORLANDO!!! It's finally here! 6 of my most favorite days of the year!!!), but instead I'm running around like a giddy school girl on Spring Break.

The kids and I had a great dance weekend in Madison. I finally got to see all of their routines, and they rocked!

This was Paloma's first dance competition that she actually danced in. She's been attending them for as long as we've gone. Even at 3, she'd happily sit and watch "cuke tids dance." So to be at a competition and actually compete?

Needless to say, the kid was amped up.

I always laugh because no matter where I take Paloma, whether it be in studio or at the competition, tons of kids know who she is. And they all want to pick her up and carry her around. Paloma never lets me carry her anywhere anymore. But she'll let all the dance kids do so. It's giving me a complex.

Paloma humbly refers to them as her "fans."

I know, clearly, we need to work on building up this kids' self-esteem, huh?

Here is Paloma with one of her "fans," Sam.

Po is one of the tiniest girls on the troupe. Here they are in their jazz costumes.

Paloma's team took first place for tap and second place for jazz. She accepted the team award on stage. When she went up to get the award, they asked her, "Where do you dance?" And in her little Paloma voice, she replied: "In Studio A."

Which is true. Our studio has 5 studios, A through E, and Paloma's troupe practices in Studio A. It was such a funny, precious moment.

Then she said, "Oh! Do you mean. . . " and she whispered in the announcer's ear. Then: "I dance at Barb's Centre for Dance."

Now a teenager, Hatfield is of an age where she and her team are all about self-sufficiency (read: watch me from the audience, Mom, and don't take my picture!)

Nonetheless, I got a few in.

Here is Hatfield's lyrical costume. Isn't it gorgeous? The girls all look like woodland fairies on stage in these costumes. Absolutely beautiful.

Paloma and Hatfield together, Paloma in her tap costume; Hatfield in her finale.

The finale this year is Just Dance, which is a Gaga-revue. Amazing. Hatfield's group wears the hat, gloves and soccer socks, and they do a hard-core hip-hop routine to Swizz Beat in it.

It is Kick Ass. It's one of those parenting moments where I am living vicariously through my child.

And can I just say? My girl can tap. As in, she has bad ass tap skills. I have NO idea where she gets this from. I can't dance and I clop like a horse when I run. She should thank me that my cloppy genetics skipped her, because that would have been a nightmare for her.

Atticus and Paloma, both in tap costumes.

Atticus with some girls from their troupe in their tap costumes. It's a tough job being the only boy on a dance team when all the girls are fighting for your attention.

See the one girl on the side, pouting because she didn't get to be next to Atticus? Srsly.

Atticus is on the Mini-Boys Team. Don't let their comical nature fool you--- these boys brought it this year.

I am so impressed with these four. Their dance is called "Girls" and they dance to a mix-up of the Beastie Boys' Girls, then I'm a Barbie Girl, then My Milkshake. It is hysterical and aweseome.

These boys got a Platinum rating, took 1st place in their entire division AND earned the Entertainment Award out of everyone there (we're talking 300+ entries.)

I am one proud Mama indeed. My inner Dance Mom came out this weekend, and I had the kids get into their dance warm-ups to eat breakfast in the hotel, because there were a ton of competitors from other dance schools there. Just to psych them out. And it totally worked.

Plus, I taught Paloma to say: "I eat the competition for breakfast." She was totally channeling the Chuck Norris of 6-year old dancers. It was highly intimidating, and it totally worked, too.

But, I did not come home with a sparkly Dance Mom t-shirt. Tempted, but didn't. Maybe next time.

So this proud Mama is going to focus now and get cracking on packing for Orlando. Because I just checked the weather channel and their high tomorrow is 87 degrees. HOT DAMN! I haven't felt temperatures like that in half a year! I am going to dig out my summer clothing right now.

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Anonymous said...

I'm proud of the kids and appreciate your willingness to support them in this activity. You drive them to and from practice, you help them with costumes, and you never complain about the time commitment or the financial commitment that it takes. You are an awesome mom and our family misses you very much!

-Mr. Mom