Thursday, February 23, 2012


We have our first dance competition of the season this weekend, and the kids and I are packed and raring to go.

The first two years of competitions were really stressful for me. The little boys were new and struggled being home without Manmi (as if two 5-year old boys could handle watching dance in an auditorium for 10 hours at a time.) Paloma was too young to dance in competition, yet wanted to go and watch, so I would take her so I would not leave the Mister home by himself with three 5-year olds, and Paloma was. . .Paloma. And I still struggled with the damn hair bun and makeup required for Hatfield's dances (not anymore, but the learning curve was relatively steep.)

Now, however, I can't wait to take off tomorrow! Paloma is on a team and is SOOOOO excited to peform. Hatfield and Atticus are in enough dances and of an age where I drop them off backstage and no longer need to worry about them for a number of hours. I get to sit, knit, drink coffee and watch dance (all things I love to do.)

I no longer worry about home, as the boys are happy to be left with the Mister, who with couple of Old Country Buffet coupons burning a hole in his pocket, has big, glorious eating plans for his two sons and himself while vegetarian-won't-eat-at-a-buffet-to-save-her-life wife is away.

Life is good.

Here's a photo of Atticus performing with our dance school's Finale ensemble, taken on Valentine's Day at the UWGB Phoenix Basketball game.

Not to brag, but I'm going to because I'm the Mama. So prepare yourself.

Atticus is the youngest boy in the Finale this year. The ensemble cast has 200 + kids in it (Hatfield is as well), and this year their number is a GaGa revue and fabulous.

I mean really, stinking, I-get-chills-just-watching-it, fabulous.

Anyway, by the end of the number, all the dancers are onstage. The music cuts, they do a final 'pose' (is that what it's called? Heck if I know) and there is Atticus, front and center, front stage, square in the middle with all 200+ dancers around him. In all black, with his dark skin and huge shiny, white smile, my boy looks adorable and stunning. Like an illegal level of cuteness.

It is an awesome moment for him. And for me, living vicariously through him.

I am so glad that they have this opportunity, and I'm glad that they are running with it and enjoying every minute of it.

Our dance school gave a letter to all their students, which I framed and put in their bathroom. It reads:


Dance is such a great training ground for life. Almost any lesson you can learn on becoming successful in dance, is a lesson you can apply to become successful in any other part of your life. To succeed in dance you need:

* Toughness * Confidence
* Perseverance * Intense Focus
* Motivation * Positive Mental Attitude
* Teamwork * Strong Work Ethic
* Accountability

These are precisely the qualities you need to succeed in life.

The BCFD staff wants to instill these qualities into you while drawing out your natural skills and strengths. We hope to have a lasting effect, not only in the dance world, but in your life. We want you to remember these qualities as long as you live and hope they have a deep and powerful impact on your life. We hope the lessons you are taught become part of the fiber of your being now and for years afterward. We have so much confidence in you and believe that you can accomplish all of your goals.

Work hard today an every day of your life.

We believe in you!

I've always believed in my kids. But I'm really grateful that they have an extended village of loving adults who believe in them, too.

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Tara - SanitySrchr said...

I spent many years in a dance studio and on a stage. Although my parents spent thousands upon thousands of dollars for this, the value of the experience is PRICELESS! I still live by the values taught to me in that time.