Friday, January 06, 2012

Today is:

Today is January 6th

It is 45 degrees F outside.

I just brought Wanda in from a looooooonnnnngggg walk.

She's one happy dog.

Now I am working outside.

I am not shoveling.

I am working in the dirt. Not snow. Dirt. Cutting back vegetation that I didn't cut back in October due to my rotator cuff wackiness.

My boys are playing tackle football.

My girls are a Roller Skating Taxi Service for Unicorns (love that Hatfield creates these games for Hatfield.)

I feel like I died and gone to Heaven.

Did I mention that it's January 6th? And I'm in Wisconsin?

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Anonymous said...

It is incredibly heartwarming to come home to a yardful of kids laughing, running, and throwing balls all over the place.

I am hoping for super cold weather myself (snow optional). I can then acquire some ice fishing stuff, get a stylish bright orange arctic coverall, and get drun- oops, I with some friends on a frozen body of water.
-Mr. "Worst Fisherman in Wisconsin" as rated by a certain blogger!