Monday, January 02, 2012

First FO of 2012

We finished up 2011 in the mid-30's with barely any snow (under 1 inch, so truly, barely any.) Our New Year's Eve was spent dancing with the kids, taking breaks to cool-off on the front porch, in our shirt sleeves.

All I could think was: This is AWESOME! I am so gonna make it this winter! Because 2011 is over and winter hasn't even started because it's still warm outside!!

2012 has arrived and do you know what that means?

Only 3.5 months of winter left, baby.

I can SO DO 3.5 months of winter blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back.

Tonight the temps are dipping to the frigid range, but I can still see all my garden beds and the the fall leaves blanketing the soil on each, promising me goodness in just a few months' time.

I can handle a few months to snuggle in each cold evening, with a cat on my lap and knitting in my hands. Christmas knitting is finished (Hallejulah!). And I've dusted off the Jalapeno Crunchers' Dust that the Mister sprinkled all over my log cabin blanket while en route to Florida (the man did not stop eating once on the entire drive home. Not. Once. Nearly drove me batty.)

The blanket has been On The Sticks since Winter 2010/2011, and I think it's about time to finish this.

Speaking of finishing, I have my first FO (that's Finished Object, Gutterminds) of 2012. And on New Year's Day 2012, no less.

Seriously, some awesome yarn company somewhere should send me some kind of prize or award, just like those mom's who have the first baby on New Year's Day get free diapers and stuff.

This bad boy, knit from a Woolstock kit which I bought at Stitches, glows in the dark (oooooooo...)
This is actually Hat 2 of 3, as I promised all 3 of my sons some Glow-in-the-Dark Knitty Awesomeness.
Bewaricus the Piraticus Atticus!!
Coffee-induced-bulletproofness strikes yet again (because, seriously, not only knitting 3 of the same hat, but having to listen to small child whine, when is my hat gonna be ready? while knitting? WTF, indeed!)

Thankfully, it's a fun thing to knit, so as far as some of the more stupid decisions I've made after 3 cups 0' hyperactive early morning goodness, this one is fairly innocuous.

Or so I hope.

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