Saturday, December 31, 2011

Secret Santa Magic

In our home, Santa brings each child three gifts.

Ask any of my children why, and they'll invite you to put your feet up awhile they pour you a glass of our red-and-green Kool-Aid : "If it's good enough for Baby Jesus, it's good enough for us."

(On occasion when we are asked why other kids get more than 3 gifts from Santa, we simply reply: Parental Subsidies. We don't subsidize Santa; we subsidize dance. It leaves them stumped, yet mystically satisfied.)

I (Mama) give an ornament to each child every year, so that when they are grown, they'll have a collection of ornaments from their childhood.

And, in an effort to promote sibling bonding (and don't knock it, this works BIG time, especially when some of your children's primary love language is gifts), we have a Sibling Secret Santa Exchange. Hatfield organizes a name drawing, and then each child gets a special shopping trip out with Mom to purchase a gift for their assigned sibling.

This year, Paloma's MOST FAVORITEST GIFT EVAH was from her Secret Santa, Hatfield.
A pair of Fashion Eye Glasses (non-prescription.)

If you were to happen upon our home on any given day to see what the Mister and I wear, you will wonder just where-oh-where does Paloma get her Fashionista Passion.

I assure you, it is from neither of her parents.


Anonymous said...

First, what an adorable girl.

Second, regarding the picture of me (dad), it must have been photo-shopped! Or perhaps a body double......

-Mr. Classy said...

okay the stunning pose int he photo aside when i first looked at it I totally thought that the lamp was attached to his head - it took me a minute to figure out that it was indeed a lamp and not some crazy fashion accessory.