Friday, November 11, 2011

A little bit of nothing interesting

With the exception of the first garbage bag in the foreground holding bed pillows, the rest of these suckers are stuffed to the gills with the girls' stuffed animals.

I still find myself chuckling because I gave the Mister the assignment of bagging up the toys while I was treating the girls.

"Oh my God!" he'd yell. "You have GOT to be kidding me."

At first I ran in horrified, fearful that he might have found a cooties' nest (no worries, they don't exist--just my overaction imagination). Nope. Not the case. He just couldn't believe the amount of stuffed animals two little girls can have.

"Why don't you two set some aside to be thrown out? You'd still have enough for a small army." he suggest to the two girls.

Paloma immediately began wailing.
Hattie teared up, lower lip trembling.
Daddy caved. Big Time. He went back to bagging stuffed game without a word.

Bagged up and waiting to be run through the dryer once I feel we have this whole cooties thing under control. Rid or whatever the heck chemical concoction did jack squat. I'm having the best luck with having us sleep in coconut oil/olive oil saturated hair, plastic wrapped umpteen times and kept toasty hot in a hat. Followed by a morning wash with blue Dawn dish soap and a good long white vinegar rinse.

The oils kill the adults/nymphs; the vinegar unglues the eggs (nits.) Gagging at what was coming off our heads those first few times, this morning I was hard-pressed to find anything on Po's head.

Thank. God.

Next week we leave for Florida through the end of the month. We've always said that one of the reasons we homeschool is so that we could travel during the year without worrying about missing school issues. Have homeschool; will travel. As such, the weekend will be full of packing, trip planning (we're driving), and last minutes stuff around the house. We had our first snow this week, and the cold floors in the morning are killing me. A few weeks at the beach sound mighty nice about now. . .


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I have a knitting pattern for scuff style wool slippers that I made a few years ago. They are easy and really cute. Let me know if you want, I'll dig it up.

Anonymous said...

why dont u just give them to someone else u just wasted them and made the landfill pile up

Sarah said...

No worries. . .the stuffed things are in the bags temporarily for 2 weeks to suffocate any cooties on them. After 14 days they'll take a brief tumble in the dryer and will be back to their places of honor all throughout the girls' bedroom :)