Friday, September 09, 2011

A Story of Dreaded "I Wasn't a Buyer" Remorse and Perseverance

About 2 weeks ago, Miss Essie, Miss Angie and myself piled into our cleared-out minivan and headed down to Chicago for

Stitches is basically Disney World, the Sears Tower and the Playboy Mansion all rolled into one huge, happy, yarn-laden, knitting & crocheting paradise.

I am still riding my Stitches high.

The Market in Stitches is a massive, and I mean MASSIVE, indoor marketplace of fiber goodness. While we were able to go through the Market in our time there from 10 am to 4:45 pm, it just wasn't enough.
By 3 pm, I found my blood sugar rapidly plummeting and all the fabulous yarn blurring before my eyes.

At 4:30, right before I departure, I saw it.

The wrap of all wraps. The shawl of all shawls. The most perfect knitted object ever.

I looked at the price tag, and my wallet shuddered because my debit card was already smoking.

Exhausted, delusional, and guilt-ridden about my previous yarn purchases, I passed.

Alas, the moment I walked through my front door 4 hours later, I had it.

A HUGE case of "I wasn't the buyer" remorse.

Over the past 2 weeks, I have dreamt about that shawl. I have tried to picture it in my mind. I have scoured the internet to determine the stitch type, the yarn colors, the design. The pattern and the photo.

Alas, I'm not all that artistic. And my memory isn't all that great. The shawl was going from the Perfect Shawl to the Shawl that Should Have Been But Wasn't.

By yesterday, I could no longer stand it. So, during the Packer game,



Holy crap!
Did you see our little ol' Green Bay on the Today Show?
How cool was all of that?
Whooohoooo Green Bay!
This place kicks ass.
So glad to live here
and be raising my kids here.)

During the Packer game, I took out my Stitches map,
Page 1 & 2 out of 6 pages of vendor listings & information
ransacked my yarn-overloaded mind to determine the approximate area of the Market in which I saw the Perfect Wrap, and emailed 5 vendors to ask them it they had it.

And guess what.

This morning, I heard back from the store that has it!

The Silky Wool Linen Stitch Wrap.

Oh, how those beautiful words roll off my tongue like...well, like silky wool. And as soon as the store owner returns from a Toronto Show, the wrap yarn and pattern will be mine.

Allllll mine.

Now how's that for a story about perseverance .

3 comments: said...

you go girl, there is nothing a knitter can not get if she is persistent enough. I totally know what you mean about the wonder that is stitches, I used to plan my trips to visit my sister in CA so I could to the one there and once when a flight was cancelled lied my way on to another plane so that I would get to the coast in time to go to the marketplace.

Corey said...

You SOOOO deserve it. I can't wait to see pictures.

Anonymous said...

I guess I can let go of my aspirations to be a private eye. You solved the mystery and saved me the embarrassment of saying "Col. Mustard did it with the candelstick in the kitchen!"

:) Seriously, I'm happy you found something you really wanted and I am very impressed that you did the legwork to hunt it down. It is a great lesson to share with the kids- nothing comes to us by fretting alone. When we analyze, take action, and top it off with persistence, then we can accomplish anything!

-Mr. Proud of you!