Thursday, September 15, 2011

Someone at Horizons is Hammered at Work

Yesterday, while working in her Horizons Phonics Level K Workbook, Paloma announced:

Hey Mom! Look! This guy is hammered!!

I nearly got whiplash from turning around so fast. What the heck was my 6-year old talking about? And how did she know what "hammered" meant?!?
See?!? She said triumphantly. He got nailed!

And sure enough, the guy had been hammered, as Paloma had drawn in a bunch of nails to hold this maniac down to the page.

Seriously, though, I think someone over there at Alpha Omega (the publisher of Horizons) has been getting a little hammered before they start creating textbooks.

Over the past week, we have encountered these two photos in our workbooks. With both photos, the children are to identify what the photo is, and then determine the first consonant and vowel of the word.

Can anyone out there tell me just what the heck this is?!?
Or how about this?!?

I feel like I'm hammered just looking at them. What the heck, Horizons?!?! Someone there needs to lay off the sauce before coming in to work.


Anonymous said...

The second one is a factory

geralyn said...

Um, Mrs. Cruz, I do believe the yellow cube shaped thing is supposed to be 'shine' but that's just another home educating mom's opinion. Heck, what do I know? Obviously not much!

I side with Po. I think that guy is hammered! She is correct and funny all at the same time.

Sarah said...

G, I'm pretty sure that it isn't shine, only because we haven't worked on consonant digraphs. Nor have we gotten to the letter "s." But, I think it certainly looks like shine.

Anon- a factory it could be. I couldn't get behind the bastard love child of an illicit cheese grater/space rocket union. Which, I mean, how the heck could I explain that to 3 six-year olds?!? ;)

Steph, G's Mom said...

yah i would guess factory too, except whassup with the wierd shaped windows? the first one...i dunno, nugget? gold?

I think your Po is right up there with Jeremiah in terms of hilariousness. I would LOVE to get these two together and then let the blog posts fly!

ManyBlessings said...

I'm laughing too hard to guess....

Sassy said...

My guess is Diamond and factory. The diamond has some sparkle to it, but it's clearly not a high quality diamond!