Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Paloma Show

Paloma takes the longest to eat any meal in our family, namely because she does not stop talking.
Here's a sampler of her conversations. Or rather, here's a sampler of the way she controls the dinner table conversation.

Because really,
she's Paloma,

and we just happen to live in her world.

* "Mom, would you rather buy a motorcycle for $1, a really expensive car, or an airplane for $25?"

* "Mom, wanna see the world's biggest scoop of mashed potatoes?" (She holds up a half teaspoon on her spoon.) "I'm gonna only eat half of it, because I don't want to be bad news for the person who ate the world's biggest scoop of mashed potatoes before tonight."

* "Mom calls hip hop "hippity hop," because she's old, and, you know, her brain doesn't remember good."

* "Mommy, you should see the trick Trixie did! She was standing up, without even holding onto something."

"Mom, if you had no food and were hungry, would you rather kill a chicken or kill a reindeer."

Ummmmmmm.... when in doubt, deflect the question back to them.

"I don't know, Po, what would you do?"

"I would kill the chicken because reindeers are fast. AND, I don't want to upset Santa. Then I'd eat the chicken, have the eggs for dessert, and make a pillow from the feathers."

I know that I should feel rather disturbed that she actually had thought this through, on her own, in her own 6-year old mind.

But, I gotta admit it, I'm kinda impressed.


Last Mom said...

Too funny!! We have similar conversations in our house. Every day.

Mom/Dad said...

This just reminds me so much of Cliff growing up........to a "T".
Miss/love ya all. Mom/Dad