Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My own little Eden in the land of frozen tundra

Any season in which I can dig in dirt, plant, grow, and dig some more is my favorite. Which gives me half of Spring, all of Summer, and most of Autumn to muck around outside to my heart's delight.
(Evidence of the mucking. No, I normally don't place my filth on my bedding like this. The bedding was due for a washing and I needed a light enough background to show the contrast between clean and dirty.)

The Mister built me these four raised garden boxers for Mother's Day.


I planted all the beds using the square foot method of planting. I didn't create fancy wooden grids like many (over-achievering) gardeners use. I roped off my grids using--what else--yarn! Give me yarn, dirt and a staple gun and you've made me happy for an afternoon, + 2.5 seasons.
I have several large, traditional-style garden beds in my yard, but I've been yearning for these garden boxes for several years nonetheless.

Due to my insane love of raspberries, I've allowed 2 out of my original 3 plots to boast a huge raspberry forest, as I have never practiced raspberry vine birth control and have let them reproduce with abandon.
Our Pope-Approved Catholic Raspberry Patch

I can't believe how delightful the square foot method of garden is with raised garden beds. Planting, weeding and picking are soooo much easier and more enjoyable. We're able to meander through our Eden, oohing and aahing at what is growing, simply reaching in and plucking off the bounty, with nary a thought as to what we're crushing underfoot (which happens quite regularly in our large garden beds. And you know, nothing kills an earthy, summery moment in the garden more than Mom screeching "Watch where you're stepping! You're squashing the squash!")

I assigned each kid a garden bed to care for.
The Haitian Sensations share the "hot pepper sauce" bed since they equally share an intense love of hot pepper sauce.
Atticus wanted vining beanstalks. We use large sticks we collected in the forested areas around Kelly Lake to vine the stalks.
Amazingly, they have remained stoically upright despite some crazy windstorms as of late.

Paloma's bed has produced 14 zucchini so far off of two plants.
She credits this to the fact that she both sings to and kisses her plants. "Grown with love," she'll tell you as she flutters her eyelashes dramatically.

Where she gets her dramatic flair, I couldn't tell you.

So far we've had no wildlife trouble with the gardens, even though we have a number of adorable bunnies residing under our backyard deck. I credit this phenomena to the fact that I allow a huge plethora of clover to grow throughout the backyard because I refuse to put pesticides on our grass. The bunnies happily munch the clover and grasses, and my gardens remain happily untouched. Maybe I'm smoking crack, but it's worked for the past 4 years, so I'm sticking with that system.

This entire system is working so well, in fact, that guess what I'm asking for Mother's Day next year? I mean, I have a lot more open yard. I bet the Mister is really rethinking the wisdom of getting that table saw after all. . .


Tara - SanitySrchr said...

I love this!!! :)

Sara said...

Wow, your gardens looks SO nice!!

Amy said...

Nice garden! Our Haitian sensation loves hot sauce too. Sometimes he will eat something and say, "Oh, dat was good. It make my head sweat." Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden, beautiful children, and a beautiful (farmer?) gardener tan line on the feet.

You know, if I get a miter saw, a drill press, an air compressor, and a truck to compliment the table saw, I could build something even nicer!

-Mr. Do It (Badly) Myself (Because it saves me money!!)