Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's Musings: So what about the blog. . .

I've spent a lot of time thinking about my blog this summer. Namely, what the heck I am going to do with it.

The summer has been good and solidly busy, with family activities, children activities and gardening time. I have no complaints, except that it went by all too quickly.

Over the course of that time, I found little time to blog. Often I felt wishy washy about what to write. Or I would write, find it entirely too personal, leave it in draft and write the whole thing off (oooo, how punny!) as a cathartic experience.

Recently, my dear girl Essie seemed to start a blog-ending trend. Good Lord, girl, you said it best when you wrote: I don't have anything left to say. Sweet, short and succinct, because she has nothing left to say. And we miss you! But, I get it.

Seriously, though, holy moly, suddenly, everyone else has decided that, like Essie, they too have nothing left to say. Blogs are dropping like flies, girlfriend! I was shocked by the number of blogs I had to erase from my bookmarks because they just are not there.

Oh, well.

(And I say, Oh well, only because I get to hang out with Essie every week. And sometimes on weekends. My vocabulary is still growing in brilliant ways, and I feel smug about it. Shameless, shameless of me, I know ;)

So, two weeks back, I found myself preparing a post in honor of Paloma's 6th birthday. A post in which I linked to all of her other birthdays, all of which have been documented on my blog.

Among those birthdays were many, many stories and fun times and crazy moments that I completely forgot about.

I sat reading through the blog, laughing so hard I was crying, and the kids came over to see what the commotion was about.

I started reading it to them. Atticus and Paloma, who were really, really little when I started 5FC, kept saying: "I didn't know I did that!" or "Wow! I forgot we went there!"

Hatfield kept saying, "Oh, I remember that! I loved that time!"

Miles and Keenan saw how they suddenly took root in their lives in our families.

And it hit me really, really hard: I am by no means done with my blog. (I still love you though, Essie, and I'm still one of your groupies, even if I'm not following your trend.)

I think just about one of the saddest things I have ever heard was when my mom said to me: "One of the hardest things about losing Carl (my late father, her late husband) was that when he died, I lost that ability to remember with him about our family's times. We lost so many family memories and stories when he died."

I don't want my family to lose our stories... (I was going to write, "I don't want my family to lose our stories when the Mister dies," but man, that sounds kinda morbid. Or hopeful. Neither of which I am! Although, if the Mister dies, and he's working while he dies, we get something like 4x the amount of life insurance his company gives us if he just regular ol' dies while sleeping. So we always joke that if he does die in some ol' boring way, we have to haul his body in his work vehicle and ditch him in the parking lot of a doctor's clinic in the U.P. of Michigan. Cha-ching. Just kidding. Just trying to pep up after a sad thought.)

I may not have much to say at the moment, but the likelihood that something will happen that I want to get down for family preservation purposes is huge. I want my kids to have these times documented.

So, these are some things I have decided about Five Frozen Chamorros. Here goes:

Things my blog will not be:

1) I will not try to brand myself, attempt to become a community touchstone, or otherwise promote myself as a go-to person on anything. (Unless you want to make fun of Dance Moms, or have a support group for people who decimate washing machines at unusual rates, or help me start a Homeschool Group for Moms who Drop the F-Bomb. I would be okay being a community touchstone on those topics)

2) I will not post up oodles of photos of me, most of which were taken by me while holding a camera or cell phone up at arm's length. In fact, I don't post many photos of myself, because really, I just don't get people who do that ALL the time.

3) I will not have a fancy blog with moving parts or headings or doohickeys. While I would like to be cool enough to have theme music with each post, I'm not, and in those cases I will just tell you: This blog should be read along with this song, and since I'm not cool enough to get my blog to play this song while you are reading this post, you'll just have to sing it in your own head while reading this post. If you want to.

Things my blog will be:

1) Stories about my family and children, some of which may cause you to roll your eyes or throw up in your mouth a little (and not necessarily from sugary sweetness, because my kids can be kinda groody.)

2) When we encounter something new with our adoption journey, I may post it for the purposes of emotional catharsis or hand-holding.

3) Random postings about knitting, gardening, recipes and pets. None of which will likely have any continuity with the postings before and after it. And none of which will turn me into a super-with-it-crafty blog.

4) Lots of brief mentionings of topics with the catch phrase: more on that later, none of which I will follow up on. Because honestly, between 5 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 homeschool, and 1 husband, I'm lucky I even remember to have a blog.

So that's the State of the Union Address for Five Frozen Chamorros. If my blog isn't what you hoped it would be, I'm cool with that. If it is, please stick around and witness our life in the making.


geralyn said... almost made me pee pee my panties. I am pretty darn sure you are just being McCrazy about not posting pictures of yourself! HEHEHE

Joy said...

Sounds kinda like my hodge-podge blog - and I will continue to enjoy following along!

AM said...

Sarah- I was getting upset at the thought of not having 5FC as an active blog. It makes me feel close to what is happening with your family. I am glad you decided to continue. Please get in touch when you have a chance.

Corey said...

That sounds like a perfect blog! And girl, I wouldn't care what you wrote as long as you were writing. If you want to post your grocery list, I'll read it. (aren't you kind of curious what other people buy?)

Sarah said...

AM-- I've just sent my number again to you...let me know if you get it :) I miss you too, girl! Love, Sarah said...

glad your still here, You could be a trend setter of your own...

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Sniff sniff..... what is that I smell..... Is that SNARK?
Nooooo, couldn't be....

ManyBlessings said...

Love you, Love your blog!
Dawn :D