Saturday, July 02, 2011

Revisiting Roots

The past two weeks have been such a blur of activity (and post-vacation catch-up) that I haven't even had a chance to blog about our whirlwind cross-country trek to Seattle.

The Mister had his 20th year high school reunion, which was both our reason for the trip and for the ridiculously short nature of the trip. He was in Vegas for a mandatory work meeting through that Friday, so we arrived in Seattle Friday afternoon. We left Sunday, because Monday was Hatfield's birthday and I don't miss my children's birthdays. Not evah. So, a 72-hour trip it was.

This was our first time back since we were married back in 2000, and Atticus' first trip ever out there.

On Friday night, we ate dinner with Granny and Papa, and then Atticus spent the night with them.
We are so incredibly blessed to have Granny and Papa in our lives. They are technically Hatfield's birth grandparents, but they are Granny and Papa to ALL of us.

Oh that Granny and Papa! They visit, send cards and gifts and have always worked very hard on making sure they are a presence in our lives, even from afar. We are SO incredibly, incredibly blessed to have them. The moment they found out we'd be out there, they dropped everything to accommodate our wonky schedule and spend time with their boy, Atticus.

Thank you, Granny and Papa. We love you.

Before we caught up with the Mister's family, we were able to drive around his hometown of Port Orchard. My boys at the docks.

Atticus was able to spend a lot of quality time with Cliff's family and all of his cousins as well. It was so fun to see them all at play. My MIL made an awesome Chamorro feast for everyone, which was soooooooo good.

I loved watching Cliff catch up with his family. Especially when he was schooled by our niece in Let's Dance.
Cliff's beautiful sister, Clarice, who is a wonderful person and auntie to our kids.
Funny little multi-racial family side note: Upon leaving, the Mister asked Atticus if it felt different to be around all brown people. Atticus shot him a strange look and said, "Uh, Dad, the only people who are NOT brown in our family are Mom and Hatfield. We outnumber them."

Touche, my son.

I was able to touch base with some college roots of mine, in the 5 minutes that it chose not to rain on Saturday ;)

Here is my alma mater.
Here is my freshman dorm.

Actually, right here was my freshman dorm, if you want to be super specific.

We totally scored in getting a second floor balcony room. Oh, those nights of Henry Winehard-induced craziness on that darn balcony.

How I ever managed to live through--and graduate from-- college is beyond me sometimes.

Which is totally why Hatfield is going to college at UWGB. And living at home. In her room. With her sister.

Okay, maybe not. But I haven't found an anti-anxiety med yet that makes me not hyperventilate at the thought of her going away to college, especially since I remember all too well what we did at college.

I digress. But for all of those out there who were wondering if we would return home with the Mister gung ho about moving back?

He was able to decide that within the first two hours of being back in Washington.

Minute 1 (upon airport pick-up): Oh my god, Sarah! Did you see the city and Mount Rainer on the way in?!? I totally miss it! It's gorgeous! It's so green!

Minute 5 (upon entering I-5 to get us from SeaTac to Tacoma, a 17 mile trip): Look! We can get right onto the carpool lane! See! I told you that you were being overly negative in your memories, Sarah! This is going to take no time, you'll see!

Minute 60 (turning to Atticus in the back seat) @ Mile 6: You see, son, if we lived here, this is where I would be spending a lot of my time, in traffic. It'd be something we'd have to get used to as a family.

Minute 120 (turning to Atticus again) @ Mile 12: See, Atticus, this is why we don't move back here. It's gorgeous, but man! I'd never be home to see you guys!

Minute 147 @ Mile 16.6: Wow, we're almost there! Good God.

Pictures of the class reunion to come. Have any of you been to your 20th yet? This is how the Mister's began.

Me to the Mister: This can't be the right restaurant. The reunion site said they rented out the whole place.

The Mister to Me: I'm pretty sure it is. Why do you think it's not the right. . . . Oh my god! Are we really that old? I'm pretty sure that is the dad of someone I went to high school with!

It wasn't the dad. It was the classmate. And yes, some were looking that old.


bbbunch said...

Um, yeah...I'm planning our 20th for next month. I really hope I don't look that old!!!

And the brown skin thing. Totally shot beer up my nose. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

My Dearest Wife,

Thank you for coordinating the trip. I had a lot of fun just being there with you and Atticus and cannot imagine how much fun it would be for the entire clan to make the trek.

Regarding the 7mph trip from the airport, I also thought it was funny that, whereas Wisconsin had deer and other wildlife carcasses on the shoulders of the highways, Washington had car parts like sideview mirrors and bumper parts.

It was a blast bringing in the trophy wife to the reunion- although my trophy wife had brains, personality, and five kids- the kinds of things that make her atypical as a trophy wife... but she sure was as hot as hell!!

Now, if only I can find a way to earn three times the money, cure traffic congestion, and get our children's counselor to relocate to the Pacific Northwest, I'll be able to make the case for a move!

:) or B) (I have glasses!)

-Mr. Lovin' the Dear My Lover

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

It sounds really fun. Really! Except for the danged traffic. I see some of my old friends on FB and they look exactly the same. It's creepy as all get out. Someone, please, get a new haircut lol.