Thursday, July 28, 2011



adj \ˈfyü-təl, ˈfyü-ˌtī(-ə)l\

Definition of FUTILE

: serving no useful purpose : completely ineffective futile>
: occupied with trifles : frivolous
and last but not least:
3: Attempting to harness your nervous energy by trying to organize your son's 5.2 million legos by color, size and shape while he is away at camp.
Seriously, if this isn't my biggest WTF was I thinking?!? moment of the summer, then I'm very, very scared to see what the rest of the summer will hold.


Sara said...

looks like our lego land here....crazy isn't it? Just today, I made the boys organize (re-organize for the 255th time) their legos again. All the big items that are already made and tears will flow if broken, on one shelf. All the lego pieces in this bin and that bin...Oh, it took us all morning into the afternoon. They asked me why we were eating lunch at 3:10pm...because all the legos we were sorting. :-) Your little lego organizer/drawer thingy looks nice though. I need something like that.

I know what you mean about always being with your kids. I love it, and totally get it. We get little jabs for having five kids, but whatever, I love it. I don't need material things to make my life happy/complete.

Fenix Drum and Dance Company said...

Oh but Sarah, sorting legos HAS to be the perfect timbuster job for a little boy who might need something repetitive yet mindless to do for quiet time. no? although i suppose if you have a good tv show on with a nice margarita.....might be kinda fun.... :)


Nobody said...

BTDT...and by the way, my boys are 15 and 17, and we have more, not less Legos. Just sayin'!