Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Force is Strong in These Kids, Yes

Note to Readers: The title only works if you say it to yourself in your very best inner Yoda voice. Or if you imagine me saying it to you in my very best Yoda voice (which is surprisingly good, if I do say so myself.)
Every Spring, Atticus' violin teacher holds Summer Family Fun Recital. An opportunity for her violin students, and their families, to take the reins and have some fun.

Last year, Atticus played Andantino or something like that. All by himself. Sans family. Because apparently, I had never gotten the memo (or made the connection) that Family Fun = familial involvement. I just thought it meant the entire family went and everyone got ice cream at the end of the recital.

That recital, we were put to shame by the Nick U. family quartet's rendition of Old Joe Clark, complete with two kids on violin, the mother playing the washtub bass, and the dad on a fancy ukelele while singing in an Irish brogue.

To shame, I tell you.

I remember the Mister and I looking at each thinking, whoa. We are totally out of our league.

This year, my kids decided to bring it. They channeled the inner depths of the Force, and this was the result.

That's Nick U. in the front row, videotaping it. I imagine that he will force his kids to sit around the kitchen table all year and watch the video, much like a football coach forces their team to watch video footage of the opposing teams' most recent game, evaluating what my kids did and how they can up their game next year.

Sure, that dad can sing. And play the ukulele. And the mom can take ordinary household items and make music out of it. So what?

Can they play toy drums, dress up like Star Wars characters and look cute? Do they have the honest to goodness, one and only FORCE on their side?

I think not.


iRgruntwife said...

Oh my goodness! I love it! It's really too cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of them all, especially Atticus, who was playing a song that is technically much more difficult than his current ability with a violin. Taking on something a bit ahead of his level and practicing it with so much effort and dedication gave him results to be proud of!

-Yes, I am his father (Noooooooo!)

Amy said...

Loved it!