Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Away Camp

This past Spring, we found out about a great camp in Michigan that our friend's family (grandparents/parent/children) had been attending for years. They asked if Hatfield and Atticus were interested, so I asked my kids, and they enthusiastically asked to attend.

Knowing that I'd be nervous when the time came, I nonetheless signed them up because I think going to camp for a week is a great way for a kid to grow as a person and come into their own person. My kids are pretty much with family all the time, and I felt that it's great for them to get a chance to spread their wings for a time.

On Sunday, we dropped Hatfield and Atticus off at camp, along with our good friends and their extended family. Atticus is bunking up with his good buddy, and Hatfield is bunking with dear Jill's 12 year old cousins.

The kids were SO excited. Upon arrival, they claimed their bunks and put on their suits for a Swim Test.
When we left they were happy, content and excited. Atticus was chilling on his bed, waiting to take a camp tour with his cabin. Hatfield was playing tetherball with a bunch of girls from her cabin. They pretty much gave us a casual wave goodbye.

I tried not to smother them with hugs and kisses.

I held it together until we got home. My kids have never been away from us. I feel just lost without them here. I am so lonely. And worried. And pathetic.

I know that they are having a great time, and I can't wait to hear all about it on Saturday during pick up.

I laughed when I downloaded camp pictures off of Hatfield's i-Touch. Here is what kept her busy on the drive to camp. She turned her family into unicorns.

Oh, the indignities from which little boys suffer at the hands of an older sister and her iTouch.

Paloma will be thrilled, as she is upset that we are people and not unicorns.

And the Mister, well, sorry for posting this, but I can't help myself.

Man, I love that kid.

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