Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Teen is in The House!

Miss Hatfield Louise is 13.
How 13 years seem to go by in 1.3 seconds flat is beyond me.
I've written it before, and I'll write it again, but this child has been my saving grace.
For the first three years of her life, it was just me and my Hattie Loulou.
The Mister and I then married, and he adopted her. He has always considered Hatfield his girl. She has always known him as her dad.
They have a very special, connected relationship.

Which often manifests itself in silly ways in public places, like KFC.
We are so proud of what a beautiful, kind, smart, hard-working and wickedly witty young woman she is.

We love you, Hattie Lou!
Happy, Happy Birthday!


J. said...

well happy 13th Miss Hattie, hope it was a great day.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures of her as a little girl makes me want to cry- she was and is an absolute joy. I just wish time was not running out so fast on her childhood. I wish I had another 13 years for her to be our little girl.

-Mr. Loves His Daughter

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hattie...I hope you luv your hollister shirts...let me know if you want more ...aunty will send you .... you have to come visit us soon luv ya aunty clarice

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl and beautiful memories!!!

bbbunch said...

SO sweet!