Sunday, June 05, 2011

May the Force Be with Him Always

Today's Post Disclaimers:
I am not a baking professional.
I am not a cake decorating professional.
And as you will see, neither I (nor my children) are video recording professionals.

I am a Mom trying to give my kids some great memories
(so cut me some slack and don't expect
culinary greatness here :)

All that being said, here is the cake I made this year for Atticus' birthday:

In case you don't know,
or can't tell,
what it is,
here's a hint:
The Millennium Falcon

Okay, that really wasn't a hint.
I just flat out told you.
I've never been one for guessing games.

Atticus was super stoked about his cake.

Warning: the above video may make you motion sick,
as it is shakier than the Blair Witch Project.

Not to toot my own horn, but the cake itself was beyond delicious.

You should never use a box mix when making a cake.
It should be illegal.
All cakes should be made from scratch.
This delicious, moist chocolate cake
(and frosting, under the fondant)
can be found HERE.

This was also my first experience with fondant.
I was a fondant virgin before.
Fondant is super easy (unlike me)
and super fun (like me? unlike me? depends who you ask ;)
I will definitely work with fondant on all my future cakes.Show all
You can make fondant with this recipe HERE.

One kid cake down so far in 2011,
Four more to go.


Corey said...

You are SUPER fun. The easy part.. I dunno.. I have never gotten past cuddling, and that's not even a base, I don't think. The video made me homesick for your house.. I've sat on that deck! Btw, wish you were here (or I was there) this weekend as I made your famous enchiladas, which are soooooo stinking good, but so labor intensive.. They would be much more fun to make with a friend. Or if a friend just made them and had me over for dinner. Whichever. Come visit me. I'll pay you.

bbbunch said...

I find you super fun, and talk to ;)