Monday, June 13, 2011

All is good

I haven't blogged in forever, but it's because all is good :)

So nice to put in a happy update.

Well, it'd be a complete happy update except for the #*@$&( IRS and their #*@*($-way in which they are processing the Adoption Tax Credit.

But, oh well. I'm taking the "Haiti Adoption Approach." Which is:

Sooner or later they will run out of requests.
Sooner or later they'll have to review my file.
Sooner or later they'll have to approve my file.

Because, seriously, what else can I do? (And seriously, if you know what more I can do, please let me know! I want my moola!)

Last week I took all 5 kids sans the Mister camping up at the lake in just about the most miserable June weather possible. But despite the weather, we had a blast. One morning, I actually laid on the couch and read a book for 3 hours straight while my kids played around me without bothering each other or me!

It. Rocked.

Over the weekend we took the training wheels off of Po's, Miles' and Keenan's bikes. A move I would not recommend that one replicate. After a crash-filled, rather harrowing first day, the kids are rapidly improving. When a child can go 5 days (in a row) with no crashes, then they can go on bike rides on the trail solo (and not on the tagalong behind my bike.)

They are counting the days, folks.

I have strawberries and raspberries growing, spinach and chard ready to pick and radishes a week away from consumption. I need nothing more in summer, except an occasional margarita on the deck, and I've been getting that in too.

So all is good, and more to follow.


geralyn said...

Man alive, do I hear you about the IRS adoption tax refund. We want our money too and they are dragging their feet. Momma needs money NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

I am missing you very much!

Anonymous said...

You are one strong lady, able o persevere through all sorts of challenges, obstacles, and metaphorical potholes, all in the name of getting things done.

Can't wait to see you soon!

-Mr. 1 4 3