Saturday, June 04, 2011

9 years ago today. . .

A merciful God took pity on me
and ended this condition:

and in exchange, gave me him.

The amount of joy my crazy-haired boy has given me has been immeasurable.
His crazy, happy hair.
His crazy, happy laugh.

Both of which got crazier with each passing day.
I would gladly re-live every single day I've had with my baby boy.

Happy 9th Birthday to our Crazy-Hair,
Crazy-Happy Boy,
We love you!


geralyn said...

He is the cutest thing alive. Oddly enough, when I was a baby, I had the same hair do. Mine stuck up straight like blades of grass until I was about 2. I think it means great intelligence and a sense of humor!!

J. said...

so cute, Happy Birthday!

bbbunch said...

Sincerely ♥ this child!!! Happy birthday, Atticus!!!