Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time Warp

I used to think
that each morning was the present,
but that was before.

each and every morning,
I'm greeted by

and her trusty sidekick,
Teen Age Dog.

And now,
I'm never quite sure
what time and dimension I'm in.


Anonymous said...

She has your sense of style!

-Mr. Smiley

Mighty Isis said...

Every single photo of Po makes me laugh out loud. So adorable...and so her own person :).

MarkandSarah said...

Hi Sarah! It's 1am and I just finished reading your blog....whew!! I found your blog while looking for other families who've adopted from Haiti. We are waiting for I600 approval (they already have their passports) to bring our 2 daughters (3 and 4) home from PaP. Your entries about USCIS and checking e-mail every 5 mins made me laugh and laugh. It felt so nice to know that someone has travelled this same road before and survived! :-)Thank you so much--what an encouragement to an adoption-weary maman. Feel free to check my blog to see my sweethearts...I miss them....

MarkandSarah said...

Hi Sarah! I just finished reading your blog (couldn't "put in down" even though it's 1 am!)We are waiting for I600 approval to bring our 2 Haitian daughters (ages 3 and 4) home from PaP (they already have their passports) I was laughing/crying reading your entries about "doing whatever comes next" and "I will not check my e-mail every 5 mins." I am there right now: adoption-weary, aching for my daughters, sick of governments, not a penny to my name. Your blog was just the little ray of sunshine I needed tonight. Meci anpil anpil! Please stop by my blog if you'd like to see my sweethearts. I miss them so much. Trying to see the faint light at the end of the tunnel....