Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Paloma and Atticus joined the Mister this year in the Dad's Dance for our dance studio.

This year's Dad's dance was a "hard-hitting" (insert eye roll here, because it's only as hard-hitting as a bunch of paunchy middle-aged dads can get, lol) hip hop tribute to this year's Super Bowl Champs, our very own Green Bay Packers.

Please ignore the fact that Paloma is wearing a Nascar/Earnheart jersey. We're only as "fan"tastic as our local Goodwill allows us to be.

Watching these two on stage, dancing and having fun with their Dad, brings me such joy and laughter. The laughter is from watching Po constantly try to push Atticus aside so she can steal his 'lift' from the Mister (the Dads lift the kids several times in the air during the show.) The joy is the fact that Atticus is a great sport, and by the third show he figured out a way to outsmart his smarty-pants kid sister. Which isn't easy to do. Because the girls is as tricky as she is cute.


geralyn said...

Isn't that exactly the same outfit you wore in Orlando last March? Sheesh, I've heard about mom's and girls' dressing alike, but this is too much!! :) BTW, little Po rocks the blue sparkly outfit like crazy!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

omg, she is so cute in that. And Atticus looks so cool in his pack clothes and hat.

If you ever need Packer gear again, ask me, my kids have a few things they have outgrown.

Come to think of it, what size is Po?