Thursday, May 12, 2011

Increased Productivity

The single best thing I have ever done to increase productivity, without even knowing in advance that it would increase my productivity, was to get rid of my cell phone that allowed me to check email and get online with ease.

2 months back, after a lot of hemming and hawing because it would be eliminating my "main" cell phone number that all the schools, doctors, family, etc., had, I got rid of our second cell phone line because we just never used it, and it cut our bill by over 40%.

What a silly little fear that was. One email, 2 phone calls and a mass test sending updated everyone with our new phone number. Yes, it was a silly little fear that cost us a lot each month.

I dropped the data plan, and voila! Suddenly I feel free. I had no idea just how tightly I was tethered to my email. Now I can sometimes will check it at 10 am, and then not again until afternoon the next day.

Our weather here is finally getting nice and I've been happily digging into the back yard. I find I go days without thinking of the blog, and I will go weeks without reading any, I think because I don't feel so lonely anymore in my trials of life. I have people IRL to bond with, and that fills the void that I so often sought in the blogging world.

I won't stop blogging, but it will probably slow down quite a bit now that the weather is nice.

I'm happily digging away my days, stealing even 20 minutes at a shot here and there, planting, pulling and re-configuring.

The potatoes are in under a bed of straw.

My Holly Hocks are up and growing.

The rhubarb looks like it's on steroids, thanks to a late fall mulching of compost.

I felt energized enough to tackle the monstrosity known as the Side Yard. I think finally sitting down, compiling all of our adoption expense receipts (sans the ones that seems to vaporize--what is up with that?),and sending those suckers off to the IRS so they can FINALLY give us our tax refund had something to do with my decreasing anxiety and increasing productivity. Yes, we too are caught up in the disaster that is the IRS Adoption Credit bullcwap. Hopefully, someday before the boys go off to college, we'll actually get our refund. Any readers out there get their refund after sending their receipts off to Examinations?

Well, that was a tangent. Back to the backyard. For years now, I've felt like we were one step away from Ma and Pa Kettle's farm. You name it--it housed it: broken lawnmower, Big Wheels, wire pepper cages, tangled chicken wire, weeds, weeds and more weeds.

No longer!

I even figured out a way to make my new compost container look snazzy!

I am in my bliss now that the weather is nice and I can spend the day toiling in the yard. Why we don't live in a nicer climate, who knows, but the winters here make me all the more thankful for each day that I can be outside.

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bbbunch said...

Beautiful job on your yard! I was going to call you today to ask if you want to go in on a roto-tiller rental. Am I too late? ;) Call me!

Love you!