Sunday, May 15, 2011


Dance classes are over, the pea*ing streak has ended, and I finally get a bit of down time.

So you know what I get?

Strep throat and an ear infection.

I've been oozed out in bed since Friday night and I still feel like absolute garbage. I'm too sick to even knit, which says a lot.



bbbunch said...

Grrr! Not fair :( I'm so sorry! Let me know if I can do anything for you, friend. Get well soon!


Amy said...

Ahh, bummer. Feel better soon.

Last Mom said...

Yuck! Hope you feel better soon!

J. said...

ugh, get better!

Anonymous said...

You should write a post about your tolerance for pain. You can share how your ear was so infected that the ear drum popped. I think you also had the flu and a broken leg, and you were walking around saying "it's only a flesh wound".

-Mr. mad respect