Sunday, May 29, 2011

Camp Fun

Although the campground has been open since May 1st, we opened up Camp this weekend due to schedule constraints and highly uncooperative weather.

Beautiful weather, a trailer in which nothing crawled into and died over the winter (not that anything ever has! I just have this huge fear that a raccoon or something would crawl into the trailer and die over the winter. So when we showed up and the windows weren't swarming with flies, and no one keeled over from a death stench when we opened the door, I knew we were once again in the clear.), and a campfire complete with s'mores made for a great opening weekend.

The lake is far too cold to swim at this time of year, so we the kids made a lot of use of the campground park.
And Hatfield spent a lot of time posing the kids for photos. She barks orders at them, they willingly cooperate, and fun is had by all.
(Okay, it totally looks like they are NOT having any fun, but they are. Hatfield was posing them to have "angry urban faces." While I personally do not know what an angry urban face is, all 5 of my children seem to, so chalk up yet another thing that Mom is clueless about.)

My boys brought up their Star Wars gun-thingies.
It does my Mama's heart good to see my three sons playing together. The first week Miles' was home from Haiti, Atticus would ask him: "Do you want to play Star Wars?" And he would go on and on (and on), giving minutiae-based detailed explanations about who each of them would be. Miles would stare at him blankly, and then run off for the tree swings. Atticus was SO disappointed and disheartened. Clearly, we hadn't prepared Atticus at all for the fact that while his new brothers would want to play with him, they would not have a clue as to what a Darth Vader is.

But now, we have three serious Star Wars nuts. And all is right with the world.
Paloma played with her unicorns. The girl has a serious, SERIOUS love, which truthfully borders upon obsession, for unicorns.

Her other obsession is having myself and her be "matchers."
So here we are on the first day of camp, matching sweatshirts, each with pigtails and kerchiefs.
Given the fact that now that Hatfield now never wants to match me (although she does like to share clothes with me, so I'll gladly age up to that with her), it's so nice to have a little one who wants to be like Mommy :)

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