Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Cirque du Freak

You know,
I probably shouldn't kill myself trying to homeschool this child
given she has "Carny" written all over her.


Anonymous said...


Mr. not-flexible

ania said...

I saw photographs recently of little girls in Mongolia who train to be contortionists. The photographer is Natalie Behring and you can find the images by searching for her name + Mongolia. You should show Paloma, I think she'd love to see them.

Rose Anne said...

I looked over at my almost 10 year old Haitian Sensation the other day and he was setting there with both legs wrapped around behind his neck just chillaxing.
So I know where you are coming from!
God Bless,
Rose Anne

geralyn said...

Best blog post title, EVER! Aint got nuttin' to say about ms. Po other than I wonder if she can swallow knives too?

Mighty Isis said...

Next time our kids are together, we must have Isaiah and Po share tricks. He's carny material, too :). Man, she's adorable...

bbbunch said...

Haha...Po would definitely be into knives, but she would be the ones throwing them!!!

LOL...love the pic :)

Nothing wrong with a little carnie!