Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Can't Get Enough

This weekend, I had a major hankering for some very good Mexican food. From my own kitchen. So I set about looking through some cookbooks.

I know that the internet hosts a wonderful assortment of recipe sites, blogs, etc., but I look sitting at my kitchen table with a cup of tea, pen and paper and a pile of beloved cookbooks.

It's one of those special channeling-my-Polish-Grandmother moments which I cherish.

I LOVE Ree Drummond's cookbook. I adore her blog, but I LOVE her cookbook.
Yesterday, I found her Enchiladas Recipe, and Hark the Herald Angels did sing.

Why the woman just calls them "Enchiladas" is beyond me. Because they are WAY MORE than just enchiladas.

They are the food we Just Can't Get Enough of.

They are the Miracle Food That Pulled Miles Out of His Funk. Because seriously, my boy loves to eat good food, and he thought I was the Queen Bee Mamma Bomba for making this food of the Gods.

Disclaimer: Of course, Ree's recipe (don't you love that? I call her Ree, as if I know her or something. Which I don't. But a girl can pretend) calls for the use of ground beef.

Which, if you have read my blog for a while, you know, I don't use. For many, many reasons. Some of which are political. Some of which are health-related. Some of which are planet-related. I won't go off on my rant about ground beef, but I will just say that I believe that if you yourself are not willing to both slaughter and/or watch your food being slaughtered, you probably shouldn't be eating it.

And since I'm totally not willing to watch some cow be sent to its demise, I do not partake in the eating of beef. Just my opinion.

ANYWAYS. Instead of using ground beef (I throw up a little in my mouth every time I write that), I use:

* Black Beans
* Sweet potato, cut into very small cubes
* Cilantro
* Garlic

Sauteed in olive oil. Then I add in the onion and diced green chilis.

Here is what made the enchiladas SO HEAVENLY. I had NO IDEA that this was ever done in cooking. I have many recipe books, and this is the ONLY one that has this technique in it.

Take corn tortillas. LIGHTLY fry them in canola oil so they stay soft.

The Mister's Motto: Everything Tastes Better Fried. Even though the enchiladas were vegetarian, he was TOTALLY OKAY with them because the corn tortillas are fried.

After you fry the tortillas, you then DIP them in the sauce (you make a boatload of sauce!)

People, why did I not know about DIPPING the tortillas. Because Holy Hell, DIPPING is what makes ALL the difference in the world.

After The Dip, you stuff them with goodness and smack those daddies down in a pan.

The recipe calls for Sharp Cheddar Cheese. I am not a vegan, nor will I ever be a vegan, because I heart Cheese. I suppose I have to, being from Wisconsin.

And for the record, I'm okay with eating cheese, because I'm okay with milking a cow and turning it into cheese. In fact, this is something I have done before. Because I grew up in Wisconsin, and when you grow up in Wisconsin, you do that milking cow-cheese making kind of stuff on school field trips.

Because that's just how we do it here.

If you think of being wussy and using mild Cheddar in this recipe, smack yourself upside the head.

Don't be afraid of Sharp Cheddar! It is not a deadly ninja sword. It will not kill you.
I doubled the recipe and made TWO HUGE PANS of awesomeness. I have enough sauce leftover for a third pan, but I didn't have enough bean/sweet potato mix so I froze the sauce for another day (like tomorrow.) Here is a picture of the second pan I made, although it's cold from the fridge. Once I re-heated it for lunch, it was all golden and bubbly. But I was too hungry and impatient to try and take a pic then.

Because holy moly, never again will I ever make my white-washed, wimpy enchiladas that I used to think weren't all that bad. Because you know what?

Compared to this, they REALLY SUCKED.

If you love someone,
you should make them these enchiladas.
If you don't love someone,
you should make these enchiladas for yourself.
If you don't love yourself,
you should make these enchiladas for yourself
because you'll then love yourself
for giving yourself such a delectable gift of food.

Since I cannot blog you a pan of enchiladas, I shall do the next best thing and give you the Gift of A Song You Won't Be Able To Get Out of Your Head, courtesy of one of my all-time faves, Douche Mode.


Corey said...

Huh. How did you know I needed this recipe? Wednesday I have a houseful of Mamas coming over (Heidi, Ali, Kellie D, Mama Drama & The Other Mother, Shannon C & Staci.. who you do not know) and I needed a Mexican recipe.. and YOU just saved the day, SOUL Sister!!

They can all kiss you later!!


Steph, G's Mom said...

What did you serve this with?

So the black bean and sweet potato combo you mentioned replaced the ground beef directly? Did you just sautee the beans with the raw cubes sweet potato until the potato was done?

This sounds so very heavenly and I love the sound of the filling!


Sarah said...

The black bean/sweet potato replaces the ground beef directly, For one pound ground beef, I subbed with a 15.5 oz can of black beans and a medium sized sweet potato diced.

I served it with brown rice (seasoned with Sazon), mango slices & strawberries. We used avocado & sour cream to top the enchiladas.

Yes, you saute canned black beans (rinsed) with the sweet potatoes. I lowered the heat and put a lid on it to help the sweet potatoes soften.

It truly was heavenly. The leftovers were demolished in one lunch :)

bbbunch said...

Does that really say Douche Mode? LMAO!

Thanks for the black bean/sweet potato tip. I have recently discovered that my kids really like black beans! YAY! And, although I have watched my food being slaughtered, we have cut our red meat consumption down to 1/4 of what we were eating. I'm on WW. Red meat = higher points. Turns out, I actually FEEL better not eating so much of it! Chicken though...can't give that up.

I've only made enchiladas once, and I too dipped the tortilla. Maybe that is why Beau liked them so much? Can you hit us with the rest of the recipe, please? Unless there is a link here...I will go back and look (first cup of coffee and all).

Love you!

Sarah said...

No problem, Beck :)


And yes, it does indeed say Douche Mode. Had a friend in high school only refer to them as such, and it's a habit I've never been about to break ;)


J. said...

thanks for the link ( we love enchiladas around here!) and the ear bug, there are some songs that just make me smile and this is one of them.

bbbunch said...

Love you too and thanks for the recipe. Turns out, Douche Mode is STILL funny the next day :)

Corey said...

Sarah my love,
I made these for my New England group and they LOOOOOOVED them. I was the hottest thing since sliced bread. I gave you all the credit and passed your recipe on. Children all over New England will be eating these next week, ALL BECAUSE OF YOU.

Love you, to infinity and beyond.

ali said...

we totally ate this at Corey's house!!! it was the BOMB DIGITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fenix Drum and Dance Company said...

these were fab! loved them! G was in love with just the filling as a bean dip!!!