Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why yes, they all can hear you, Paloma

I have some

I may not be the "Clueless Dance Mom" that I was last year, but I still have yet to get out my bedazzler & make a tight shirt that sparkly proclaims "Dance Mom" over my assets.

Maybe that comes with time? Or not.

The kids are rocking their dance competition.

This is year Atticus shares the Petite Troupe with a fellow male dancer, his buddy Lucas.
How cute are they? Yet despite the fact that it is 2011, the Mister and I still continue to field dipsh*t questions about having our son in dance:

How did you convince your spouse to let your son dance?
Does he actually like to dance?
Aren't you afraid he's going to get beat up?
Wow, I'd love for my boy to dance, but I'm kind of scared it will make him . . (gasp). . .gay.

Really. Really?

For the record, we're not worried about him getting beat up. He actually LOVES to dance. He doesn't feel that hanging out with 17 adorable girls to be a hardship. AND, we really don't give a flying f*ck about our childrens' sexual orientations, because we love them for whom they are.

Plus, the dance teams with boys on them tend to score significantly higher than all-girl teams.

I feel like I should maybe hand out business cards stating our Core Beliefs About Boys in Dance.

Hatfield moved up to Teen Line this year. I can't stand how old they look!
These girls have mad. Mad.MAD tap skills. Their routine this year is to the song Stomp, and it is crazy good. I had tears in my eyes because I could NOT BELIEVE that my girl was on the stage.

And then there's Paloma.

Paloma dances, but not competitively. However, as Paloma will tell you, she likes to watch kids dance.

Additionally, as Po will tell you, all the dancers at BCFD (their studio) know who she is. And she's not kidding. We go to these competitions and kids I've never seen before come up and high five her. Many of the high school girls pick her up and carry her around. Every girl on Atticus' troupe knows her and would like to adopt her. Call her Galinda, 'cuz this girl is Popular.

So I take her along. Paloma handles the dance competition with aplomb.

Sometimes a bit too much aplomb. It's more like she's a bomb, rather than she handles it with aplomb.

At one point this morning, a beautiful lyrical group was on stage, performing to the soft, haunting song "Do You Hear Me."

As you might have guessed, the singer asks, "Do you hear me?" in the lovely, hushed song.

Paloma took the opportunity to answer, in her loudest, most severe and slightly irritated voice:


It was met with chuckles and snickers throughout our section. I wanted to die.

"Po, be quiet!" I hissed at her.

She looked at me incredulously. "What? They kept on asking."

She continued to look at me like there was something wrong with me.

Good lord. I am so doomed with this child.

Fortunately, we are allowed to come back and watch Hatfield tomorrow morning. I'm thinking Paloma might need a dose of Benadryl to reign in her Po-ness prior to the show.

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Nobody said...

Oh my word! I can so hear Paloma's voice in my head when you write these dialogues now. Sometimes she just talks in my head out of nowhere. You left out one type of dance mom from your list last year. You might not see them much if, like at our studio, the advanced dancers are at their own times. They are the moms that have sat in the studio for years of their lives, spend more than their mortgage on dance each month, and know how to ignore the tutu-ed crowd and do their bills or alter costumes in the corner. They know all the dirt on everyone, and don't care. They give the dance teachers hugs when the T&T crowd get rough, and they cringe when their kids get asked to be in yet another dance, well, because that would make thirty-three costumes to buy. True story. Really. But it still brings tears to my eyes when they dance. It would be weird to stroke boy ballet costumes so I won't go there.