Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My seasonal vent

I am of the personal conviction that a person may despise one and only one season each year. If you hate winter, don't yap at me about how miserable your summer is. If you are complaining all summer that it's too hot, then stop moaning about winter. You shall get no sympathy from me with your bi-seasonal bitching.

I make peace easily with 11 months of the year.

I hold a great grudge against February.

December holds the wonder of the holidays. January is a blissful for hunkering down, reading in front of the fireplace and trying out new soup recipes.

March hints at the promise of Spring. The snow melts at least once in April, and in May I can start planting my summer garden.

Which leaves us with February. The "F" word as far as the calendar goes.

There is nothing in February but misery. Who honestly out there enjoys Valentine's Day? Or President's Day?

Let's not even mention that rat bastard groundhog.

I have had enough of being cooped up. My kids have 3 months of pent-up energy. The lure of outside play is lost when the windchill hovers at or below zero.

My kids have gone bonkers. Evidenced by one of my 6 year old sons, who is standing in his own puddle of URin, smack dab in the middle of the kitchen floor, screaming. All because I said, "No playstation after dinner." So of course, let's just pee to show your control over your own life.

The child's been majorly off-kilter for the past two days. His brother, Mr. Radling, is floating around the house, all shiny and glowing as he gloats his good behavior in front of his brother. The tables are usually turned between those two, and Mr. RADling is milking it for all its worth.

Seriously, who lives like this?!?!

I'm tired of blaming insecure attachment, or RAD, or PTSD, or impaired cognitive functioning. For the next 28 days, I'm blaming February.

F#(#*ing February.


Amy said...

That's why it's the shortest month of the year, even when it's longer than usual. Hang in there. Here's to a "pee-less" February for you. (But if they're not doing one thing they're doing something else. Sigh...)

Joy said...

My birthday is toward the end of February, so at least there's a little something to look forward to...and the month comes early enough in the year that I still have hope for my "to do" list (which by March and April is always pretty much shot for the year) :)

Actually, I do find February to be a good month for some of those things that just don't get done the rest of the year - I have done lots of crafting in February the last few years, before Spring and outdoor life takes over...

Anonymous said...

IDK about your logic. Our weather is fine, yet I went to pick up my little monsters from daycare and got the happy news that Annie bit Marcella and Daniel today!! I wish she would just keep it in the family. So afraid they will throw her out.