Monday, February 07, 2011

Green (and Gold) Fever

* How 'bout dem Packers?!?! HOOO-rah! An electric current is running through this city right now, and it's a pretty awesome thing to experience. We're bringing that trophy back home (where it belongs.)

* The Green Bay School District is giving the children a half day today. I need to pick up my Haitian Sensations today at 11:30. If you saw their little partied-out faces this morning, you too would realize that GBSD had it all wrong. They should be starting school at 11:30 this morning, not ending it.

However, I see a LOOONNNNNNGGGG, peaceful naptime in my future. *Huge Cheshire Cat Grin* for the naptime.

* By all Green Bay standards, Hatfield and I were entirely Wicked last night and instead of watching the Super Bowl, we took our Green Fever to a different level and went and saw WICKED at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.

Holy Wicked Brilliance. This was the best musical I have seen, hands down, EVER. I am in love. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Plus I got a Wicked Cool t-shirt that is Green, with a witch's hat and the words "Defy Gravity" written on it, right over my boobs.

I love double entrendre t-shirts.

* So, the Green (and Gold) Craziness continued when, after Wicked finished and the Super Bowl ended, Hatfield and I encountered a few drunk, male Packer fans in the parking garage staircase. Wicked Awesome, right? Not. After lots of yelling and cheering, a man said, "Gimme a Victory Hug!" and grabbed me.

Hatfield's eye got HUGE and immediately upon their continued descent down the staircase she said, "Mom, I can't believe you let that guy hug you!"

To which I responded: "My dear girl, I was afraid that if he didn't huge me, then he'd try and hug YOU!"

Because if he tried to hug my girl, I was all prepared to roundhouse kick him down a flight of stairs. And I'm NOT joking. I have a WICKED roundhouse kick that I've finessed at the gym over the past month and a half. Ask the Mister.

* Okay, you don't have to ask the Mister. I'll just tell you instead.

One day, when the Mister was telling the kids what a kick their Mom has, the kids begged to see. So he said, "Come on, hon, show them."

After much pleading, I took off my shoe, sighed and gave the Mister a semi-solid roundhouse kick to his hamstring.

He was on the ground before we knew it. I was shocked. He was shocked. And the kids have an entirely newfound respect for their old lady.

All's well that ends well. And the Mister's bruise is now gone.

* I loved every minute of my special night out with my girl. I have a lot of thoughts going on in my head about Motherhood and sibling-hood, and goals/aspirations/plans, and someday I'll post on those when I can get it all into words.

But last night was one of those perfect parenting moments. When you're with your kid, who you love so much it hurts, and you're laughing, having fun, talking, and you realize 1) just how much your little girl is growing up and 2) what a Wicked awesome person she is.


Anonymous said...

no need to post this comment- I noticed one small grammatical error. Your response regarding the hug quotes you as saying "I was afraid that if he didn't huge me". I'm sure he didn't huge you. Well, I hope he didn't.

1 4 3.


Anonymous said...

I do love the shirt. And you do defy gravity.


Sara said...

What a special night for the 2 of you.

Sawatzky family said...

So jealous that you saw hat show!!! I am sure it was amazing :)
Mother and daughter look stunning!