Saturday, February 19, 2011

Differing shades of perfection

Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil
Oh, the irony of this photo ;)

Every Saturday morning, Keenan and Miles have their "Spa Morning."

Spa Morning = an olive oil bath + conditioner treatment for hair and scalp + a boatload of bath toys reserved especially for Saturday mornings.

It's a BIG DEAL to them. And, truth be told, it's a BIG DEAL to me, as it's an extra half hour of quiet to drink my coffee and read the Entertainment Weekly that arrives each Friday in the mail.

This morning, Miles frantically pulled me out of my Oscar prediction article revelry.

"MOM! LOOK! LOOK!" he cried, absolutely horrified and pointing at Keenan's back. "Keenan has a Black Spot on his back! He says it hurts!" pause. He looks pained as he discloses his next thought, "I think he's going to DIE!"

Keenan looks freaked out.

I peek.

It's a beauty mark.

Miles is a deep, delicious darkness with no beauty marks on his body. Keenan, whose skin color earned him the nickname "Ti-Blahn" ("a little white") at the orphanage, bears several beauty marks and knows what they are. But, he didn't make the connection that the black dot on his back might be the same as the black dots on his arms and leg.

"Oh, sweeties, that's just a beauty mark," I offer, pushing up my sweatshirt sleeve to model my arm. "Look, Mommy has lots of them. They don't hurt, and they won't kill us. It's all okay."

Both boys looked very nervously at my arm. Keenan's face lights up, "Oh! I have 'dose'!" He shows the few on his legs.

Miles just stares in disbelief, shaking his head. "I don't know, guys. . . that doesn't look right to me."

"Well, we all have different skin. God made each one of us special and perfect, and I promise you, both Keenan and I are not going to die from these little dots."

Miles continues shaking his head, and I resume my reading spot in the hallway. "Don't worry, Keenan," Miles say, "I'm sure God loves you anyways, even if he gave you all those spots. It's okay he gave you those."

I smiled at Miles' sweetness. I know that someday, it's very likely that our boys will have different sorts of feeling about their skin. But for now, I am just so grateful that Miles loves his perfect, dark, spot-free skin.


MattyP said...

O wow... the "Sarah and siblings in the field" picture in the background... completely forgot about that... brings back memories of hanging out at your mom's house so many years ago!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

that photo made me laugh so hard.