Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Night Live (Blogging)

* I am pretty sure that I am the only person in Green Bay, Wisconsin who is NOT watching the play-off's.

* I justify this by knowing that when I watch the Packers, they lose. Henceforth, my not watching the Packers (so they can win) proves my level of fanship dedication.

* We just returned home from my mother's birthday party. She is 62. But she doesn't look like she is in her 60's at all. I hope I inherit this gene.

* Angie taught us all about LeMere's. LeMere's are these little hook-like things on the ends of your genes which dictate your aging process. Long LeMere's = Slow Aging. Short LeMere's = rapid aging. Mom's like us who parent "challenging" youngsters tend to have drastically shortened LeMere's.

* BUT, working out, just several time a week, lengthens these hooky things, thereby combating the aging that parenting "challenging" kids creates. So punching and kicking the snot outta of a punching bag is good on more than one level. Score!

* My weekly "challenging" parenting highlight involved URin, the Tween's snow boot, and a snowbank. Can you beat that LeMere-shortening experience for the week?

* I have my 4 youngest kids in bed, the Mister and the Tween at a Packer party, a kick-ass knitting project on the stix and a kick-ass book on my Kindle. What to do, what to do? (once I'm done blogging, that is.)

* Because the Tween has left the building, the Papillon is psychotically barking every time there is a noise in the house. Ugh.

* The fact that there is an unwatched episode of Glee on my DVR has decided this for me. Knitting + Glee first, Kindle + Fresh Clean Bedsheets second.

* I love my Kindle SO MUCH that I would like to make out with it. Except for the fact that I'm married. And the Kindle is a machine. But not that kind of machine. So instead I'll just use the make-out reference only as an illustrative measure of how much I love my Kindle.

* How's this blogging after two glasses of wine and a birthday cake sugar-high working out for me?

* I am probably completely desecrating the word "LeMere." It's probably the wrong word entirely. It was nearly two weeks ago when we discussed this at knitting, and I do recall that it is a last name. So, Angie, my brilliant, scientific friend, my apologies. And my complete begging for you to start your own blog.

* Glee and a knitting project await.

* Have a Great Weekend!

* Go, Pack, Go!


Corey said...

Seriously, LAST year in Orlando Angie said she was going to start a blog. Here we are 45 days out.. I see nothing.

I kind of wish the Kindle was dual purpose...

bbbunch said...

I cannot believe you didn't watch the game...but if you not watching is what made us win, then I'm okay with that...I guess.

I like the sugary wine blogging. It's a nice little train of thought thing :)


Anonymous said...

You know, I could be your new and improved Kindle- I could read books out loud, accents and all, as well as make your dreams come true (yes, that means cleaning the house!)

Keep writing with wine and dessert in hand- it shows a different aspect of your personality that is enjoyable to see.

On a lighter note, I hope I can find the time to work out "only several times a week". Who would of thought that in as little as several times a week one could see any type of benefit from exercise? :)

With Love and Respect,
Mr. Kindle Plus

Nobody said...

Laughing hard while reading this post, so the wine and cake seem to be working out for you!

Agree wholeheartedly about two things:
1. Angie needs to blog.
2. My Kindle inspires the warm fuzzies.

Anonymous said...


That has to be the cutest corruption of the word I have ever heard. As a former telomere researcher, I have heard a lot.