Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jester Holding Court

4 pairs of needles later, Miss Paloma's Jester Hat is finally finished.
Knit in Malabrigo, which is my new favorite yarn. I love it so much that I'd like to make out with it. Which is my new favorite expression. (And which, the Mister would have you know, does not arise out of an emptiness due to his bedroom performance. But golly, Mister, it's not like my readers care, and get your own blog already, would ya?)

Anyways, I digress.

As with any Hobby of Virtue, one should find themselves
learning Life Lessons as one pursues such Virtuous Hobby.

Important Knitting Life Lesson Learned in This Project:

While 'tis wise to be frugal and use the (papillon-chewed) needles that ye own, having the proper needles for the project helps. Tremendously. I could have finished this project (next year) on my first set of jagged needles, but not without a lot of calluses, dropped stitches and glasses of wine.

Seriously though, isn't she absolutely cute in this hat?

The only thing cuter than Paloma in her hat in these pictures was Paloma, while wearing her hat this morning, informing me that for lunch she would like "Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tornado Soup."


Anonymous said...

Great job on the hat! It is adorable and very well done.

Methinks it is still witchcraft, taking sticks, yarn, abracadbra-ing with your hands and...wah lah, a hat appears.

-Mr. no-want-to-blog-when-commenting-is-much-more-fun!

Corey said...

Oooh, I would *love* it if The Mister started blogging. He would have to do it totally incognito, of course, but he's so clever, it would be loads of fun to read. And comment on. What could he call it? OH! The Guamanian Devil! No? You know what would be more fun? Let's start a blog FOR him..

bbbunch said...

LOVE it!!! (And her)