Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hell's already on fire, so save your matches. . .

You know who I love even more than Kid Rock (because, seriously, is there a better kickboxing workout song than "Bawitdaba?" No. There isn't. Don't even try to tell me otherwise), but didn't know it yet until last night?

Steven Tyler.

Are any of you watching American Idol? Did you see the Milwaukee auditions last night? Honestly, I have't watched Idol in years, because of the whole Paula/Simon thing was so boringly painful, but I gotta say, I love watching now, just to watch the Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

Last night, this adorable and terrifically talented 16-year old boy performed, and Steven Tyler loved his performance so much that he let this slip out:

"Hell's on Fire
Save the Matches
F*ck a Duck and
See What Hatches"

I love this guy!
This is totally my kind of tv.
Thank you, Steven, for bringing some intense laughter into these cold, January prime-time nights.


geralyn said...

I saw that last night too and love it. I also like it when he kissed the girl with the traumatic brain injury. I'd also like it if he showed up on my front steps and threw his 80's hair around. I admit I love Aerosmith and Mr. Tyler. Maybe I'll bring a poster of him for our shared room in Orlando????? xoxo

Anonymous said...

I have the biggest crush on him.