Saturday, January 29, 2011

Edict of Paloma

Paloma has declared today:
"Mom and Po's Special Day."

This Special Day shall include, but by no means be limited to:

* A trip to the Build-A-Bear. But not to buy an animal. Just to buy clothes for her pink bear because she's a naked bear and Po is tired of looking at the bear's butt.

* Ice Cream.

* Hot Dogs.

* A ride on that "Bouncy trampoline thing at the mall where you wear the special built like when you do when you climb rock walls."

* Riding on the Up and Down Escalators ("Alligators") at Younkers.

I'm just hoping that our Special Day doesn't end
with a motion-sick Po yakking hot dogs and ice cream
all over Mom.

Hope your Saturday is a Special Day, too!


Corey said...

WHOO! That sounds SO FUN. Except I would do all the movement activities before the hot dogs and ice cream. And bring a bucket.

bbbunch said...

Sounds awesome :)

Anonymous said...

It is worth noting that somehow life seems to give Paloma a little bit extra here and there. Who else would somehow get a 20 minute ride on one of those 6 minute human sling shots "just because"?

I should take her for a day out. Perhaps she could get us an extra scoop or free toppings from the Stone Cold Creamery persons. :)

I can't wait to hear about other special trips (someone has been your-in dry for a week!) coming up soon.....


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I LOVE that pic of her. LOVE IT LOVE IT! I don't know if it's the light, or that pose or the vivid colors. Obviously there is your gorgeous daughter and the most excellent photographer. But something about this pic, it is fabulous.