Sunday, December 05, 2010

Riddle Me This, Bat-readers. . .

How many Islanders does it take
to chop down a Christmas tree?

Answer: 4.
3 to Offer Advice
2 to Cheer
(Cut It, Chop It, Heave that Ax! !)
1 to Jump on Backs
1 to Actually Cut It Down

After doing her best to distract Daddy from killing a tree, Paloma went off and made a new friend.

And look! She is finally big enough to go on the Scrambler! Just compare her to that 100 foot towering fir tree. She's huge, I tell you. . HUGE!!!

And get a load of this:

A great family picture taken AFTER
I sent in our Christmas Card order to Snapfish.
Hell's Bells, people.

All of that,
and Ernie STILL remains unimpressed
and bored to death.

(Ha! Get it?!?
He's playing dead,
and I wrote 'Bored to death'?!?)

I don't care what others say, being easily amused is a big ol' gift from the Big Guy Himself.

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