Monday, December 27, 2010

Git 'Er Done Week

We did it! We made it! The holiday is over and we have officially begun our Annual 5FC "Git 'er done" Week.

Every year, the Mister's employer shuts down between Christmas and New Years. Which is so awesome that it almost makes me forgive them for sending him away to some fancy hotel in a warm climate for "sales meetings" several times each year.

An ENTIRE week. With nothing to do. Can't play outside, because Wisconsin winters are my tropical Mister's kryptonite. What to do, what to do?

The endless possibilities make me giddy with excitement while the Mister groans and tries to hide his wallet. Every year come July, I begin to strategically analyze different plans of home renovation attacks.

Last year, we knocked this mutha down. Best decision ever. Then, to recycle, we hung the cabinets up in the Mister's office. Because we're all about being cheap in the name of environmental goodness.

This year, the Mister is replacing flooring in the master bedroom. He may also floor the upstairs hallway. He thinks he's going to replace the flooring in the children's bathroom and the master bathroom as well.

Notice I used "is replacing" in the first sentence, "may also floor" in the second sentence, and "thinks he is going to replace" in the third. Because while I"m not sure what Kool Aid the Mister is drinking, I have been through enough "Git 'er Done" weeks to know that the Cardinal Rule to "Git 'er Done" is: You will only get one thing done. So be happy with that.

And saying Hasta La Vista to pee-soaked, vomit-stained, blue-children Advil tie-dyed carpeting? I'll be ECSTATIC to see that go.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Can I have that carpet?

bbbunch said...

Sweet! I love those weeks...although my husband usually doesn't light a fire until about Thursday or Friday :(


Shahana said...

who is mister? your husband? or boss?