Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The first snow of the season is falling tonight.

As such, the children raced to the garage to get their snow boots on.

My worst fear happened (okay, not my worst fear in life, but most certainly my worst fear when it comes to putting on snow boots for the first time this season), and a DEAD MOUSE WAS IN ATTICUS' SNOW BOOT.

So I stood on a chair in the dining room (the room furthest from the garage) and screamed (continuously.)

Paloma climbed on my chair and screamed (continuously.)

The Mister knows there is NO hope for me ever resolving my fear of rodents. Particularly dead rodents.

So, having put on his shoes to go outside and dispose of said dead mouse, he walked over to us.

"Paloma," he said, "are you screaming over a little dead mouse?"

"No I'm not!" Paloma replied indignantly. "I'm keeping Mom company."

Sorry to all my brave kids, but she's now my favorite child, and therefore shall receive the most in my estate.


Amy said...

Ha! That's what I would have done. Why do we stand on something? You have read our dead squirrel story, haven't you?

bbbunch said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! (not the mouse part...ewwwwwwwww!)

I loves me some Po!