Monday, November 08, 2010

Do you SHARE?

Last month, the Mister and I learned about something seriously cool, located right here in our great state of Wisconsin, servicing our own community, that we had never heard about before.

We had NO idea this even existed in our area.

Which made me really sad. And ticked. So now, I'm doing my "Share" to spread the word (you'll see why that's a brilliant play on words in a moment. Eyes rolling. Hey, it's Monday. Humor me!)

Feeding a family of 7 isn't cheap. Heck, feeding any family of any size isn't cheap. Even if you try to eat healthy, whole foods and skip over processed food altogether, it still takes a sizable chunk out of your monthly budget.

For a long time now, I've wished Green Bay had a Food Co-Op. Over the years, I have seen a few fledgling ones. Two months back, I read about a new one. Awesome, right? Well, not when I saw the buy-in fee. It was over half a month's grocery budget for us.

But do you know what exists in our area (and by area, I mean all of Wisconsin, Northeastern MN, and the U.P. of MI)? A FREE Food Co-Op.

That's right. FREE.

Let me introduce you to SHARE Wisconsin.

SHARE is a nonprofit, volunteer-run food buying club helps families save 30-50% on supermarket quality food. Everyone is welcome to save on food and help their community. For nearly 25 years we have served the Upper Midwest with savings on a wide selection of foods. Volunteers at nearly 200 locations throughout WI, northern IL, northeastern MN and the Upper Peninsula of MI make the savings possible. Shop online, surf our website or call toll-free 800-548-2124 for details!

While the selection isn't grocery store huge, where else can you get 10+ pounds of Organic Fruits/Veggies for $15?!? Or the Deluxe Produce Assortment (at least 9 pounds total of at least 7 kinds of fruits and veggies) for only $7?!? And for meat-eating families, there is a great selection of quality meats at very low prices.

While the November ordering is over, check out their Thanksgiving Package. $25 bought our family: 12-14 lb. Whole Turkey, Stuffing Mix, Cranbbrry Sauce, 8" Pre-Baked Pumpkin Pie, PLUS a Deluxe Produce Assortment with at least 7 kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Serves 6!

My mom is hosting Thanksgiving, but for $25, I'll gladly freeze the turkey and we can add the rest to our weekly menu.

The Mister's District Sales Team volunteered for a day at SHARE last month for Volunteer Day. They processed orders and loaded it onto pallets. He said that the produce is Gorgeous and Fresh. Volunteers process the orders, put it on trucks, and the trucks deliver it to a pick-up site in your community (our GB site is the Ashwaubenon Community Center--where many moons ago, I went to Nursery School.)

So check it out. Give SHARING a shot. The more families buy from SHARE, the lower the prices and greater the selection. This is a fabulous opportunity to work with your community AND help reduce your grocery budget.

And if that isn't Win-Win, I don't know what is.

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I love nothing more than going to a blog, reading about a link, clicking on it and finding great information. So, in the Spirit of Sharing, I will be Sharing a link each day on my blog. Each link will be something that I find helpful, inspiring or just plain kick-ass. Who knows? Maybe you'll find it worthwhile, too.

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Anonymous said...

I have to tell you, before the volunteering opportunity, I wouldn't have thought something like this was available for us (even on one income, with a non-advanced single degree, we are north of the poverty line- not North Pole north, but somewhere above the 10th lattitude....). Seeing the quality, general program info, etc. made me happy to be volunteering and interested in seeing what would benefit our family's budget. It is worth checking out and isn't restricted by income limits/requirements.

Mr. Frugal (or as Sarah once called him, that cheap bast*rd).