Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Room of His Own

Several months back, we played Musical Bedrooms at our home because the situation we had previously employed was not cutting it. After taking down bunk beds, setting up bunk beds and relocating about 2,000 stuffed animals, we had the move finished on a functional level. Now, the girls share a room, the Haitian Sensations share a room, and Atticus has his own room. And that's the way it's going to be forever and ever and ever, because no way am I ever going to do that amount of work again. Not ever.

When we first moved Atticus into his room, he had his sister's unused pink dresser, a mattress on subfloor, and boxes/laundry baskets everywhere. A huge chaotic disaster in a teeny-tiny space.

I'm so proud of Atticus and his patient nature. First, the kid had to endure sharing a room with boys who broke his stuff, hid his stuff, and wee-wee'd on his stuff-- a lot. Yet despite all that, he never had a tantrum or sought revenge. He's a WAY bigger person that I was as a kid, because had I been him, I would have tried to make their lives living heck as payback. Yet, he didn't.

Then, he finally got moved into a new room, only to have to sleep on a mattress on top of the sub-floor, with all of his stuff in boxes. And when we finally get to putting his room together, we hit delay after delay. His chill, go-with-the-flow Island Nature is an example for me, every day.

Like I said before, Atticus' new digs are teeny-tiny. Like walk-in closet sized. Furnishing the room was a bit tricky due to the size, so it was important that the furniture be multi-functional.

In lieu of a dresser, I can all of his clothing in his (very teeny) tiny closet on a double bar hanger.

Fortunately, 8-year old boys are not clothes horses.

I purchased 9-cube wall units for his bedroom at Target. I love their multi-functionality, in addition to their narrowness.

At first I was going to purchase a loft bed for his room, and place a desk and bean bag underneath. But I came across this bed, which is shorter than a loft, but has a pull-out desk, a small dresser for pj's/undies/socks and some shelves. There is even a cubbie with a door on the side where I store his extra bedsheets.

I am thrilled that his room has finally come together. I ordered the bed over 2.5 months ago. We had to first wait for my folks to remove their kitchen floor laminate, and then the Mister installed it in Atticus' room. Afterwards, we finally opened up all 3 boxes of bed (ugh!), lo and behold, 3 of the 55 pieces were damaged in shipping (double ugh!). And of course, when the replacement parts were shipped to us, it took 3 times as predicted and--of course--1 or the 3 parts they sent was the WRONG part (triple ugh!)

Yet all of that is behind us, and the best part is that Atticus discovered when he pulls out his desk fully from the desk, there is a Secret Spy Space behind his dresser.

Within 2 minutes of discovering that, he grabbed Miles, donned Star Wars costumes, and was having a blast in his very own room. To see my boy playing happily and proudly sharing his new space did this Mama's heart good.

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bbbunch said...

I ♥ that kid. Seriously. I do. Awesome work, Mama...your multi-tasking room does me proud! :)